California Dreaming

California Dreaming

Unforeseen obstacles stand in the way of a family planning to take a road trip in an RV.

Unforeseen obstacles stand in the way of a family planning to take a road trip in an RV. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeffrey P (fr) wrote: A solid follow up to Red with equal amounts action, comedy, and fun. A great cast and a movie both my wife and I enjoy. Malkovich is hysterical as always.

Denise G (au) wrote: A very good film. It was so underated but a must see.

Rae N (br) wrote: It had it's quarks. great movie, funny and very smart. I enjoyed it very much. decaffeinated coffee is in need for that kid. *please for the love of all that is holy come out of the bathroom*

Ricardo B (gb) wrote: I love the rap battles

Ryan H (de) wrote: I get that this was the start of hip hop films, but man was it awful. I'll be honest, I left after 30 minutes to go do homework because I didn't think this was worth my time. It starts out with some guy using a rope to get down a wall and the wall has graffiti on it which says "GRAFFITI". Thanks for that, now I know what it is. Some parts seem like they are trying to get the audience interested in simply the music and graffiti scene, others seem like they are trying to force a story into it with the worst actors in the world. There really is nothing to take away from Wild Style except what not to do, such as say "man" a thousand times.

Graham M (kr) wrote: After a dull start, it does pick up to something much more watchable, made all the more intriguing by the fact it's based on a true story.

Grant S (de) wrote: Great adaptation of the Charles Dickens novel. I'm generally not into musicals but this works. The music isn't overdone and fits in well with the story, plus it propels the story along.Good performances all round.

Stevee T (ag) wrote: watched the first 5 minutes and katharine hepburn made me VERY uncomfortable

Fionn C (jp) wrote: Start as you mean to go on. This movie she the tone for what we now know as the MCU. Not only does it give you witty and compelling characters it opens up a whole new world of superheroes.