California Suite

California Suite

Misadventures of four groups of guests at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Misadventures of four groups of guests at the Beverly Hills Hotel. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert R (ca) wrote: Not bad but why is it nothing beats the first

Robert G (mx) wrote: Great movie, it had me sitting on the edge of my seat, very thrilling.

Simon F (mx) wrote: It tries really hard to be American Pie, but its just American Poo

Brian C (de) wrote: Though humorous and witty, this is an exceptionally dark film that could prove too real for comfort for many audiences. If you can relate, this isn't a dramatic comedy so much as it is a real-life horror story. It's about youths wasting their lives with no end in sight, and it tackles the subject with raw power and zero apologies. Entertaining, but hard-to-watch. Linklater's most underrated work.

Dave J (de) wrote: Friday, February 4, 2011 (1994) Death And The Maiden THRILLER/ SUSPENSE Well made controversial thriller directed by Roman Polanski from a controversial play written by Ariel Dorfman about a lady's (Sigourney Weaver) persistent accusations against an unbeknowist accuser, in this case it is Ben Kingsly as Dr. Roberto Miranda! Much of the whole film are the heated verbal interactions between it's two leads. The extent of the Weaver's character is so obsessive about her accusations, she would even confine the accuser to the limits of physical interrogation! A movie that grabs viewers by the throat and doesn't let go! What this film does is that it asks questions about our natural consciencesness or about our characters? Are there limits into going after such heinous people such as Holocaust contributers and are now deniers! This film doesn't leave any solutions or answers but does question alot about ourselves! 3.5 out of 4

Samantha S (de) wrote: Beautiful, seamless, emotionally authentic performances with such subtlety and honesty. Small, personal story with HUGE feminist-political agenda. Wonderfully directed. Such skill at recreating this period both visually and in performance.

Jessi t (jp) wrote: "I love you so fucking much I could shit." There is one thing that has made it so that I cannot possibly rate this film any lower than what I have, or, indeed, what the film truly deserves. Ladies and gentlemen: Lobstora.

Larry G (kr) wrote: I grew up with Godzilla and it is still my favorite movie of all time. It inspired a often recurring nightmare that was always exactly the same every time I had it. It terrified me in the nightmare, but nothing could shake my love for the movie itself. I have seen it so many times that it is probably now part of my genetic code. I was shocked the first time that I realized that Raymond Burr was not in the original movie. I realized it when I noticed that Emiko's top was not the same when she is seen from behind in the "Steve laying in the clinic" scene. But, momentary disappointment aside, it is still my favorite movie.