Call Center Girl

Call Center Girl

Call Center Girl is a 2013 Filipino family comedy drama film directed by Don Cuaresma, starring Pokwang, Enchong Dee, and Jessy Mendiola.

In her bouts to help her daughter, Teresa accidently lands on a call center job where Regina is employed, giving her a chance (or is it really?) to rekindle her relationship with her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyson P (it) wrote: the movie was well made but i cant quite put my finger on what went wrong. theres something missing that holds it back from being recommendable

Angel D (ag) wrote: Movie made in Puerto Rico, so automatically its a dope movie..

Frank P (br) wrote: Haven't seen in years. Forgot how intriguing it was.

Tyler E (jp) wrote: loved it, almost as good as the first

Lofn G (it) wrote: I knew I wanted to date the man who would become my husband when he asked me if I had seen this. A fantastic and bizarre film. Maybe not good for grandma, but certainly good for testing people to see if they're "cool".

jo m (ru) wrote: My main issues with this film is the dull clipshow of stuff we have seen before, killing of Kenshin and eventually Karou, and completely removing any personality traits. Besides all that its so sad.

David S (fr) wrote: Hilariously inept horror film that isn't a terrible viewing experience. How can it be with lines like, "You have carte blanche, but you don't have a blank check."? But it's muddled, unscary, and derivative of Argento's mood and more bold color schemes.

Daddiesboy2009livecom D (nl) wrote: Loved it and would really watch it again.

Blair K (kr) wrote: good movie with a goo dplot about small town life and what truly is hidden below the surface of people's lives. yeah more of a little movie and wouldnt win any awards but worth watching. joaquin is quite charming. troubled at times but charming.

MARC A (ru) wrote: Lost my Laser Dic {!!!} before seeing

Grayson D (gb) wrote: Early role for Depardieu in english teams him with a decent cast and a fine director but unfortunately it's a forgettable rom-com.

Sam H (kr) wrote: One of my personal favorites. Far more character-driven than the other Godzilla films.

Petros T (it) wrote: "Licence To Kill" is quite an engaging proposition, featuring a fine performance from Timothy Dalton, a good Benicio Del Toro in his second film role and a notably bigger part for Desmond Llewelyn's Q, who's always a joy to watch. It's possibly one of the most brutal 007 films as well - wherein Bond's now a rogue agent after revenge, thus giving the film more emotional momentum. There is some room for cheesiness too, and overall this feels like one of the lesser films, but still a good watch.

Xinrui C (ca) wrote: A movie that plays largely on creepy gross-out body horror and long, winded tirades about consumerism. How To Get Ahead in Advertising is definitely a strange and wickedly entertaining film, albeit one that muddles around in the same vein over and over again with prolonged gusto. A bit too over-the-top and unstructured for my taste; however, Richard E. Grant does a fantastic job as the main character.

Pua W (de) wrote: the movie isn't bad. but it isn't that good either. yasuhiko clearly doesn't know much on Greek mythology. and I disagree much of yasuhiko's adaptation on it. surely changes has to be made when it comes to making a film. like books, legends, mythologies etc. you know the drill. and we, the audience, who so much happen to adore these stories, which is typically in the form of books would hands down be disappointed in them. but it doesn't apply to every case though. this film was quite a disappointment for me. because it felt as if the director had the wrong idea of how Greek mythology is. and Greek mythology so happens to be my favourite. but I still gave this film a 3-star rating because the plot was nicely paced and the film didn't bore me at all. just that I didn't liked the way yasuhiko-san portrayed the Greek deities at all. but he did portrayed them in terms of appearance well. you guys could give a film a go. but just to let you know this film should be rated PG13 because it does have quite a number of explicit parts so yeahhhhhhhh. You guys could watch it here on YouTube in its original Japanese audio with English subtitles by fans "Arion - 1986 Movie - Subtitled".

Lloyd B (fr) wrote: Vintage L&H, and that song.

Zachary M (es) wrote: The steam for the Planet of the Apes franchise had obviously run out of steam a long time before this. Of all the movies in this series, this is unquestionably the redheaded stepchild. Nothing outside the bizarre and out of character ending will stick with your brain. The series should have ended with the last one, and have that one have the ending that it originally should have had before the studio stepped in. Shame.

Kevin P (jp) wrote: In een film waar het meeste is geleend van de Koreaanse film Oldboy, is Samuel L Jackson zelfs iemand die duidelijk kan laten zien wanneer hij niet veel zin heeft in acteren. Het heeft ze momenten voor een betere film, maar die moet je toch echt goed kunnen vinden.

Dusty L (kr) wrote: 93% on my Tomatometer.

Sean D (us) wrote: This film is super depressing. But it's got a pretty good plot.