Callas Forever

Callas Forever

A fictionalized account of the last days of opera singer Maria Callas (Ardant).

A fictionalized account of the last days of opera singer Maria Callas (Ardant). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric D (es) wrote: Good lord...just finished watching Somm. I think I'll stick to drinking instead. ;-)

Facebook U (es) wrote: This film is almost the TV series in Canada about a girl opening doors to change her past. Here we have a guy where all the family men get to travel in the past whenever they want after they reach 21 years old (I think). The nerd gets to cheat all he wants in life but he still get to learn valuable lessons, and us too. It is a nice comedy, well done, and the authors thought well of almost all of the situations we would think of. Very well thought and thoughtful. Of course this is still cheating to get the girl(s) or learning why not to get some. Nice music. Must work well for date film.

Jeff S (es) wrote: The whole film consisted of little skits that were loosely related but were all about sex. Some of the gags were funny but they went on too long and the jokes just died. It had an interesting cast.

Jordan L (it) wrote: A lot of singing, but great movie. 8/10. Ms. Hudson is great!

Yang J (ru) wrote: "They say they build the train tracks over the Apls between Vienna and Venice first, before there was a train that could make the trip. They build it anyway, they knew one day, the train would come.Any arbitrary turning along the way and I would be elsewhere, I would be different. What are four walls anyway? They are what they contain, the house protects the dreamer. Unthinkably good things can happen, even late in the game. It's such a surprise." Sometimes too optimistic but still awesome with rich stories, sun bright color and charming Italian women. The water tap from not even a drip to gurgling, reflecting a gradually fulfilled soul of Frances is my favorite part.

Chris H (nl) wrote: haha really good movie! Reminds me of slackers...I cant believe ive never seen this until now

Edward F (au) wrote: FUCK YEAH! Gun blazing, raiders-of-the-lost-ark action in the near-future

Greg S (fr) wrote: A little boy in rural post-WWII America believes that his lonely widow neighbor is a vampire who is killing his friends and wants to kill his beloved older brother. A literary and ambiguous slice of Midwestern Gothic that teems with unresolved metaphors.

Steve W (ru) wrote: You usual Chuck Norris fare, explosions and a cool fight. Its very similar to Metal Gear Solid 3, with leeches, stealth and sometimes only knocking out your enemies. Overall, a decent action movie.

John P (au) wrote: Nineteen eighty-three's Warrior of the Lost World is one of the lousiest post-apocalyptic "thrillers" I've ever seen. Nothing in this slipshod cross of Mad Max and Night Rider is done right. The bad acting, threadbare storyline, and low budget common to the genre are taken to the extreme. Following a jerky, out of focus scrolling title sequence reminiscent of Star Wars, we see a mysterious, helmet wearing rider (Robert Ginty) riding slowly into the foreground on his intelligent motorcycle, Einstein. Except that it's hard to tell what you're seeing because the whole shot is incredibly blurred. In no time at all, he comes to the attention of the police, who give not-very-rapid chase on a pair of gun equipped motorcycles and a black muscle car with spikes for a front bumper. He dispatches one cyclist with his rear-firing flamethrowers. The other cyclist comes to a sudden stop, only to be rear ended by the car, which goes off the road, bursts into flames, and goes off a cliff- in that order. But just around the bend is a roadblock, manned by twenty odd laser-wielding soldiers standing shoulder to shoulder in a two-deep firing line. Things are looking bad for hero, until he enters flight mode and hovers over the fence bordering the road. This would be more impressive if it wasn't completely obvious that he's just jumping off a hidden ramp while mist streams out of nozzles on his bike. The only dialogue during this sequence comes from Einstein, who utters lines like "bad mothers" and "engage, engage, engage" in his annoyingly high pitched voice. The hero next rides through an overgrown junkyard, where he's attacked by nerds, punk rockers, and shirtless fat guys with chains, crowbars, and crossbows. After easily escaping this rabble, he rides straight into a cliffside, prompting cheers from the audience. But alas, and unknown to him, the wall was only an illusion, meant to protect a realm populated by toga-wearing mystics with healing powers, plus a handful of militia types, including the pretty young Nastasia. These "Enlightened Elders"are the only resistance against the totalitarian Omegas. Under the leadership of Pressor (Donald Pleasance, who in better days played James Bond's nemesis Blofeld), they rule over a dystopian society were the people have no emotions or free will. Oh, and they've captured Nastasia's father, McWayne who they plan to execute. Our protagonist hesitantly agrees to infiltrate the Omegas' city with Nastasia and rescue her father, which they do with surprising ease. Only in their escape, she's left behind and captured. What is our hero to do? Why ride back to the junkyard of course, where he gains the allegiance of the post- apocalyptic freaks and geeks by defeating their strongest member in single combat. All that's left now is for this motley crew to engage the Omegas in a drawn out vehicular battle scene. The Omegas have a secret weapon: Megaweapon, which is actually just an armored eighteen wheeler. Megaweapon destroys Einstein in the movie's second bright spot, but the good guys prevail and storm Pressor's citadel, killing him and freeing Nastasia. In the final shot, the mysterious hero rides off into the sunset, watched by the grateful people he saved- and by Pressor, who left a robot body double to take his place, so that he could appear in a sequel that thankfully was never made. As mentioned earlier, the acting is uniformly bad. In every scene, we're painfully aware that these are actors reading off a script. At one point, Nastasia tells the Rider "Don't show any emotion or they'll know you're an outsider." There is no noticeable change in his demeanor. One thing that also struck me as odd was the locations and scenery. Most post-apocalyptic movies are shot in desert wastelands and crumbling urban slums. Indeed, the posters show what appears to be a decaying New York skyline. But the borderlands look more like the Deep South than the Outback, and the bad guys' city is obviously a college campus. It's drab and somewhat grimy sure, but there are no signs of any nuclear holocaust in the last few years. So it doesn't work, and I'm not sure how it could have ever worked. It's a poor imitation of the Mad Max films, which were hardly spectacular themselves, but at least they had talented actors and locations that looked like a nuclear wasteland. Even taking into account its extremely low production costs, I can't imagine how this slipshod product could have turned a profit at the box office. I can believe all too easily however, that it was originally released in Italy.

Chris S (it) wrote: A pretty awesome 80s zombie film from the master of Extreme cinema, Umberto Lenzi. Neat zombie effects and a cool synth score.

Laimis Z (it) wrote: how can u say no to a film where julie christie is being terrorized and eventually 'raped' by a computer/house? sci-fi horror that is not scary per se, but lets jus say that it is disturbing:) a pretty good ride. shocking!

Jesse O (kr) wrote: This is a pretty excellent samurai movie. It's most definitely slow, but it's never boring. Somehow, people link slow and boring together, which couldn't be farther from the truth for this movie. It's actually a very interesting movie to follow until all hell breaks loose. The movie does run a little long, but it's still a great flick regardless. Unfortunately, I streamed this movie on netflix, the movie will be removed from streaming tomorrow. But I still think it's a movie worth seeking out.

Sarah L (ca) wrote: Expertly acted by the two leads but I have to say I am disappointed with the character Hepburn played, the classic "victim" who needs a man to make her life complete.... :(

Jordan A (it) wrote: An insult to Jet Li and has one of the crapiest stories. A wannabe crime epic with an annoying performance by Aaliyah and Russell Wong is not a martial arts master.