Calling All Curs

Calling All Curs

The Stooges are skilled veterinarians at a pet hospital who are the proud surgeons of Garçon, a prized poodle of socialite Mrs. Bedford (Isabelle LaMal). When dognappers posing as reporters (Lynton Brent, Cy Schindell) dognap the poodle, the boys frantically try to trick Mrs. Bedford by disguising a mutt as Garçon. However, when Mrs. Bedford's maid (Libby Taylor), who is frightened of dogs, accidentally vacuums a clump of glued-on fur off the mutt's shaggy coat, Mrs. Bedford threatens to throw the Stooges in jail. Desperate, the trio use the mutt as a bloodhound to track down the crooks. When they discover the enemies' hideout, a big fight ensues. Larry and Moe get knocked out, but then Curly defeats both crooks. The boys hear Garçon quietly barking from inside a closet, only to discover that the prized poodle has had a litter of pups.

The stooges run a pet hospital and get an important patient, Garcon, a rich ladies poodle. When dognappers posing as reporters steal the poodle, the boys are in a tough spot. First they try... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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