Camel Safari

Camel Safari

Dia(Pankaja Menon) heroine of the movie is a management student in Mangalore. She and four of her friends(Catherine, Hashim, Yamini and Chinna Gounder) visits Rajasthan for 15 days to attend a marriage. There she meets a Rajput boy Pavan(Arun Shankar) and falls in love with him. What happens to her there after that in that unknown land makes the content of the film.

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Francisco L (fr) wrote: The kings of Summer has everything to work, however its charismatic protagonists arent enough to superate the predictable narrative and weak script.

Sean C (nl) wrote: I don't get why everyone hated this movie so much. It's a satire. It's supposed to be ridiculous. Didn't anyone read the Herschel Gordon Lewis quote at the beginning of the movie? He pities anyone who considers making movies an art form. I thought it was really amusing. I actually thought David Hess was good in it considering as how he's always played the same role over and over since Last House on the Left. Come on, it was fun. Get drunk and watch it again.

Tyherra S (ag) wrote: My son loved the song from the movie " Push It" by Corbin Bleu

Sammy B (fr) wrote: amazing.3 peoples story told without any type of point of view..

Geoffrey T (gb) wrote: A pretty good satire of the movie business. The only real flaw is a relative one; I know all of this already. It's certainly not a flaw of the film, as I'm sure it will open the eyes of many who don't know what goes on behind the scenes, and the push/pull relationship of art and money. Bruce Willis and Sean Penn are absolutely hilarious, and there is some good character drama towards the end. Good film.

Ben E (ag) wrote: This is an awesome documentry.

Ane B (fr) wrote: What Dreams May Come is a visually gorgeous tear-jerker with a bit of wonky writting and a decent performance from the leads. Definitely worth a watch ... with tissues.

Callum M (gb) wrote: This film will always be remembered as Shakur's last film as he was killed months before its release. With his final performance Tupac yet again shows what talent he had and what could have been. The story revolves around two cops (Shakur & Belushi) who are trying to cover up a murder after they kill an undercover police officer. Dennis Quaid is also on deck. A good story that maybe runs a little longer than it should.

Dane P (it) wrote: Pretty silly at times but creative in a way that I could see someone genuinely enjoy it. Not for everyone

Mloy X (br) wrote: Sir (Anthony Hopkins): Hate the critics? I have nothing but compassion for them. How can one hate the crippled, the mentally deficient, and the dead?With two titans of the silver screen on board, what else would you expect but perfection and what a perfect performance did they bring? It comes as no surprise that Sir Anthony Hopkins and Ian McKellen would deliver very riveting and powerful performances. As an audience, you are just captivated by their presence; you just can't turn away from them and they owned every minute they were on scene. Emily Watson and Sarah Lancashire did beautifully as well and portrayed their characters marvelously: oozing with quiet, admirable strength that would make their gender proud. They were the perfect supporting cast, seemingly unassuming but all too vital to the story. Overall, the story was very entertaining and everyone's performances, thoroughly enjoyable to watch.

Ben L (gb) wrote: This is one of those movies that I am so indifferent on I just can't bring myself to even write a full review. It's not that it was bad, there were a few moments that were entertaining, it was just overall so dull that I couldn't muster any passion one way or the other. So I can't really trash it as a bad film, but I can't really praise it as a good film either. The idea of this old man who has delusions of grandeur is just not all that interesting. The few intense moments really feel cheesy when people over-dramatically grab at a fresh bullet wound or gently stab someone with a knife. It takes away the adrenaline of those moments and makes them corny. It feels old-fashioned and lacks any excitement. The characters all seem inconsistently written. One moment Lou is a tough guy who seems very knowledgeable about the seedy underbelly of Atlantic City, and the next moment he's a goofy old guy squawking like a little kid about how he killed a guy. In the same way Sally bounces back and forth between attraction and revulsion when it comes to Lou. It's just a muddled mess and the word that continues to come to mind when I think of it is "bland." I don't regret watching it but odds are, in a matter of months, I will have completely forgotten about it and not even remember what it was about.

Benjamin H (es) wrote: Bill Murray is the best

Linda V (it) wrote: One of the best surf movies of all times. I still get the chills when these old friends show up to surf together again at the end of the film.

Daniel S (us) wrote: Beautifully shot, and with a very intriguing setting courtesy of the novel it was based on. Unfortunately, it's also predictable where it isn't inexplicable, paced with agonizing inconsistency, has a tone that's all over the map, and features plot holes you could drive a truck through. Overall, an engaging premise is wrecked by cliche and poor plotting. You're welcome for not using a train pun.