1942. Delme Davies, a wayward idealistic young man, joins the army in a quest for excitement and adventure. One night he returns home unexpectedly to his widowed mother, Iwanna and brother, Elfed Davies. Absent without leave, he hides in the lofts of Temple Row, the terrace of drab Victorian cottages in Delme's home village in South Wales where his family lives. Despite regular raids from military police, he remains undetected as he has discovered that the attic links all six houses in Temple Row. Delme is able to keep himself hidden by moving from house to house. He spends time with each household, sharing their homes, adapting to each family's ways...

1942. Delme Davies, a wayward idealistic young man, joins the army in a quest for excitement and adventure. One night he returns home unexpectedly to his widowed mother, Iwanna and brother,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael B (it) wrote: This is the worst sort of garbage. While 'diversity of thought' is consistently touted as some noble goal, we all seem to forget not every thought is of equal merit. The earth is round, not flat. We evolved over millenia; not created whole 6,000 years ago. And people who would claim man made global warming is a myth are in the same camp as geocentrists: clinging to falsehoods for the sake of ideology even though all of the evidence contradicts them.

Joetaeb D (de) wrote: It's too much expected that an old story like Beauty and the Beast is tread along so much that there isn't much left to work well with. Such is the case with Beastly, a retelling that has little to tell in the procedure. It's writing is on the levels of Twilight and it's leads are somehow even worse than Bella and Edward. If you're a teen girl or someone who who's trying to find a date movie. Beastly may fit your expectations. But for me, it was just too obvious and poorly executed to put a spark in the old story.

Andre M (jp) wrote: Great movie, sends a message, but great movie to watch with the family.

Roxanne D (br) wrote: The film introduces two completely different narrators, one reliable and one unreliable. Flynn Junior's narration actually corresponds with his environment and state of mind, while Flynn Senior's utterly opposes it. In Flynn Senior, the voice over is at odds with the filmic images, while in Flynn Junior the voice over is in sync with the filmic images. In a novel, competing narrators shed light on perspective. The film however sheds light on film's relationship to literature and adaptation: on the one hand they align perfectly, on the other hand they are incompatible. The Blower Scene is both literary and fundamentally cinematic. Flynn Senior settles onto the blowers, while Flynn Junior's voice over narrators the experience. Meanwhile, the camera cranes upward, turning slowly until it reaches a medium bird's eye view, and in the act, rendering Flynn Senior powerless and alone. Flynn Senior's despair is one, but the camera and narration render it using two different mediums, or the allusion to one. While the film emphasizes the differences and similarities between film and literature, it also remains ambivalent about their relationship.


Richard C (ag) wrote: Yahoo Serious (*yes, he actually changed his name to that but has since rechanged it back), does his one hit wonder, and it sucks.

Nick R (es) wrote: Awful...I would rather put my hand in a garbage disposal than watch this again

Alex G (nl) wrote: The story isn't really up to par with the dancing, but the dancing itself is enjoyable.

Brad S (es) wrote: Beautifully shot and presented in a desaturated, cool and grizzly tone. The cinematography and music are the stars of this film because there just isn't much going on with the story. Sam Rockwell does his best with what minimal writing he's given, but it just isn't enough to add up to much in the end.

Steve K (au) wrote: Very much a Terry Gilliam movie. It's full of metaphor and manic Gilliamness, but had trouble leading to anything of meaning which, given the subject matter, may have been intended. Still a bit unsatisfying.

Patrick M (jp) wrote: A blend of Teen Wolf and Lost Boys. Decent watch but nothing mind blowing.