Camila Jam

Camila Jam

The story of Camila, a young woman intent on becoming a writer.

The story of Camila, a young woman intent on becoming a writer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Barry T (au) wrote: What a mess of a film!!!! Poor Dyer

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Des S (au) wrote: This movie sounded like it was going to be good, but it was pretty much just a bad version of Superbad to me.

Bill T (es) wrote: Pretty stupid and convuluted. I've seen most of the Cthulhu inspired films (Yes, including House of..) and this is probably the worst. Just too much plot totally mars this one.

Iva P (nl) wrote: A film that looks like baroque painting. A bit unfocused and vulgar, but interesting to look at and think about.

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Charles S (fr) wrote: This was the first Anime I ever saw. It's one of the most amazing things I've ever seen and love the story. It seems like there are holes sometimes, but it focuses on the vendeta of D. It's just awesome.

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Jesse D (mx) wrote: 2 movies edited into one and badly dubbed but even so this is still a guilty pleasure of mine...

Orlok W (gb) wrote: Like an Anne Frank-Norman Bates mixture--Made for TV cult classic!!

stephanie g (fr) wrote: its a nice movie, :)

Mark S (es) wrote: The worst of all the James Cagney films I've so far seen. They used to say if you can't fight wear a big hat, and you'd think that Cagney's character was a right wimp here as he wears a hat that dwarfs him. With that and a glued on moustache he just doesn't look right, but that could easily have been forgiven if the film was any good. As it is there is some nonsensical plot concerning a banana company, a rebel causing it problems and some night-club singer/card shark who wants to get back to America and somehow gets entangled in the whole affair. There's a few funny wisecracks along the way but for the most part this is a very dull affair.

Andy G (es) wrote: A single shot is a good creepy thriller about a guy accidentally shooting a woman in the woods aiming for a deer. Good cast in this one. Sam Rockwell William H Macy and Ted Levine star in this. B(2013)

Gabriella F (nl) wrote: I saw this months ago and don't even remember any of it, with the exception of the naked girl the kids (?) were spying on.

Ty N (jp) wrote: One of my all time favorites. Deliverance gives you nightmares on going kayaking in the south.

Chris J (jp) wrote: Difficult to better the first, but great soundtracks.