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Zed C (gb) wrote: Before I review this, let me tell you a little story first.A few years ago, I got really sick. I got a serious eye infection, which burned and itched. My eyes sealed shut and I couldn't see. On top of that, I somehow had a Bot fly larvae that burrowed into my skull. It was the most intense pain I've every felt. My eyes burned and ached. My head pounded, as it my brain itself was on fire. I never thought I'd feel that kind of life crushing pain again. Then I watched this movie.This was worse. Much, much worse. 2/10 - That 2 came from the somehow passable acting from some of the cast. The fact they weren't all on a home made porno level, was shocking.

s h (ca) wrote: You have to like weird stuff. Not a Hollywood type film but if that doesn't bother you, it's an interesting piece.

Richard W (kr) wrote: Great film for Sci-Fi fans! Love the pop culture references.

Michael W (fr) wrote: Richard Pryor takes on three roles in this comedy, with varying degrees of effectiveness. Main role as fruit picker unwittingly cast as union activist is an overall disappointment. Most laughs are reserved for Pryor's role as the main character's father. Another Pryor comedy venture that fails to match the star's potential.

Zack B (gb) wrote: Night Tide is a decent suspense/thriller flick that serves decently in that capacity. A creepy atmosphere is set through its music and awkward conversation between Johnny (Dennis Hopper) and Mora (Linda Lawson) in the beginning. However, the film was pretty unspectacular as it moved along. I kept up with its plot points and the story's twists and turns. Yet, you can probably notice by now that I'm not really pointing anything unique out about this film. The story may have been a tad slow, but I was overall satisfied with how the story slowly unraveled and reveled itself.

Chris Y (ca) wrote: Wow i thot this was just going to be some low budget shit Hercules movie like most of them are but it was really good with good acting not some crappy animation stuff and computer work, well ok some stuff was but not everything. anyone come across one thats as good as this let me know cause i love good movies and im really into all the mythical stuff.

Valerie L (mx) wrote: Silly but fun. Love seeing Tom Hardy in a comedy and as a romantic lead alongside Chris Pine. I think Reese Witherspoon is the clear winner here.

David L (kr) wrote: Young Frankenstein is very well made technically and so well acted with Gene Wilder being excellent in his iconic role and the film is quite funny at times with a couple of terrific scenes, but it is overall pretty uneven with some jokes being great, but with others being not so great. It doesn't quite succeeds as a parody film as it only manages to utilize its premise in approximately half of the movie with the other half being dull, unfunny and forgettable. It is a solid, but very disappointing film.