Camp Slaughter

Camp Slaughter

About 25 years ago an unholy child was born in an ancient noble family. The parents were the mother and son of the family. The goal was to create the perfect daughter, but instead she gave birth to a monster! The son, whose only interest are rabbits, called the monster Bunny Man, and placed him in a hole in the woods. He supplied his son with food and rabbits, to play with. Unfortunately, the lack of human contact made him violent, and his rabbits died when during his so called games. One day the son forgets to lock the hole and Bunny Man suddenly finds himself free, in a world he's never seen and doesn't understand. At the same time, a group of kids arrive at a cabin in the woods to throw a party. Kids that, to an untrained eye, seem quite similar to rabbits...

A bunch of kids go to the woods to party. At the same time a freak known as The Bunny Man has escaped from his nest... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Katy E (nl) wrote: An incredible film with an insight into several Mexicos, some more painful than others.

John O (us) wrote: A lot more action then the first movie still fast pace action scenes story wasn't as good as the first movie but very enjoyable

Tatsuhito K (ag) wrote: In Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Woody Allen combines his usual witty script with realistic characters and put them into a tragedy. The visuals are beautiful and the story is oddly fascinating, it's not one of my favorite Woody Allen films, but it's still a captivating comedy about people and love. Wonderful performances throughout.

Stephy M (ru) wrote: great music,sorta good movie;even ifthe acors were J-LO AND MARC ANTHONYthey did a pretty decent job acting.

Paul P (nl) wrote: That first hour is nearly flawless. Then it takes that beaten to death path all Noir movies take which sucks. But the performances are fantastic, JT Walsh was great.

Clifton D (ca) wrote: In summary: I felt like it was nothing but shallow blunted characters that had no depth and were filling roles because the film simply needed them to fulfill the generic role. I just can't a film without good characters a good film. The ending, the climax, was pleasing on its own merits but unfortunately left me feeling empty after the whole film.Maybe this movie was before my time and that's part of its charm, but I was pretty disappointed by the characters and plot.I've read of the blending of science and magic already so this wasn't new to me. Again, maybe this was because it was before my time. I've read Pierce Anthony and Terry Brookes both do this theme, and they didn't even always do an amazing job, but I felt their worlds more than this one.Setting aside, I can see some of the interest in the vivid bluntness of the film in terms of violence and sex. I can honestly give it that, but that is also a product of the times. You really would have trouble making that today and not being written off as simply crude and lowbrow.But for me what "killed" it for me was the characters. All of them.Unfortunately the characters are shallow. I found the main protagonist difficult to empathize with. The fairy girl they brought along seemed to serve little other purpose than eye-candy for 90% of the film. The villain was more cliched than a Disney-villain. (Yes, I said it and by God it is completely true.) That made this movie fairly difficult for me to enjoy right there.Add to it that I found the character Peace simply shallow (though admittedly with some justification), I don't even remember the other dude's role he was so minor. I wanted Peace's role to be ... well, I needed to *feel* like something was happening with him. Most of the time his silence and performances simply weren't enough to allow me to connect with him and see how he was developing.

Xavier C (au) wrote: Un chef d'oeuvre du WIP !!!

Cristi L (gb) wrote: South Korean film. Very good

JohnnyLee T (br) wrote: Hudson is mesmerising as newspaper reporter Burke Devlin who is besotted by fly-by-night characters, especially sultry daredevil parachutist LaVerne Schumann (Malone). His character is worth all of the others put together. In the acting stakes too he shines brightly, adding nuance to his performance. Unfortunately the script is tarnished, especially if we are to believe Hudson's infatuation for LaVerne who proves herself to be mostly unloveable. If you like Depression era dramas, that will help you enjoy this more. And if you like the early world of flying, that will help too. But mostly watch it for Rock Hudson's intelligent performance.Based on a story by William Faulker.

bernard a (ru) wrote: The paunchy and balding middle-aged stationmaster, Roubaud (Fernand Ledoux) declines an invitation to meet at the cafe after work for a friendly game of cards. Roubaud explains that he just isn't good at cards and besides, his wife is home waiting for him. Roubaud's friend, a bit enviously, calls Roubaud a "lucky devil". Who can blame him... as Roubaud's wife turns out to be a surprisingly young sex kitten named Severine (Simone Simon). How this unlikely couple ever became a pair isn't exactly explained in the film but the raw emotions which eventually boil over provides the impetus that propels this classic french drama. The railroad station at Le Havre is the milieu for director Jean Renoir's LA BETE HUMAINE and steam engines serves as the metaphor for the lives of the characters. Jacques Lantier (Jean Gabin) is a train engineer forced to lay up for a few days at Le Havre due to engine problems. Jacques has personal "engine" problems of his own (if you know what I mean) but this doesn't stop him from having an affair with the sexy station master's wife, Severine. Lantier has some leverage with the relationship - as Lantier is a witness to a crime of passion committed by Severine's insanely jealous husband - the aforementioned stationmaster Roubaud. LA BETE HUMAINE translates to THE HUMAN BEAST and aptly describes some of the characters in this. The scenes shot onboard the trains are very well done...beautifully conveying the raw power of the mechanical beasts. Fritz Lang remade this in his 1954 noir classic - HUMAN DESIRE with Glenn Ford & Gloria Grahame which I saw a few months ago. HUMAN DESIRE, which I liked a lot, now seems tame in comparison to Renoir's original. LA BETE HUMAINE 8.5 HUMAN DESIRE 8

Oliver N (jp) wrote: As we've come to expect from Tom Hanks, his commanding role steers Cast Away from being a dull, lengthy drama to an exciting, fascinating one. Apart from a more sentimental ending, the whole runtime has you glued to your seat... And is yet another showcase of Tom Hanks' immense dramatic talent.Verdict: A

Kirk B (ag) wrote: Excellent movie that is interesting, well made and from what I understand sticks very close to the facts. Well done.