Campfire Tales

Campfire Tales

Anthology of famous, scary urban legends done with a modern twist.

Anthology of famous, scary urban legends done with a modern twist. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kelly B (de) wrote: Bill Burr was the main reason i came here.

Thomas S (ru) wrote: The problem I have with cinematic anthologies, even one as masterful as The Turning, is artistic fatigue. Had the production been two or two and a half hours, I could've walked away content. But it would take a very special form of abstract that can continuously resonate with me and my inner being...for me to happily indulge for 3 hours. Individually, the stories that The Turning brings to the big screen are beautiful and wonderfully crafted. But I burnt out watching them all collectively.

Hannah K (kr) wrote: It plays out exactly how you'd guess it would, but it is fun and charming.

Madeline M (it) wrote: The story is simple but the people in it aren't. I thought the pacing was a little off and maybe everyone was a little too credulous, but overall I really liked it. Pham Thi Han is very engaging.

Li B (es) wrote: this movie is funny . Anyone who has netflix should watch it

Smashproplaya (nl) wrote: Buck should burn in hell!.

Karl N (gb) wrote: I hear warming and authentic coming out story. Generally not a huge fan of Gay movies very tastefully done.

Xenomorph F (us) wrote: Havent seen this in years! need to re-see it now that i'm old enough to understand whats going on in a movie!

Scott R (us) wrote: I enjoyed the Wisconsin aspect, but did not understand why this tragic story was told. It could've been much better.

Marty G (es) wrote: Joseph H. Lewis double feature tonite

Intean K (ag) wrote: It's a piece of shit movie.

Alejandro E (it) wrote: Una de las mejores peliculas del genero mafioso, con actuaciones y escenografia de primera, y una banda sonora genial.