Can I Do It 'Till I Need Glasses?

Can I Do It 'Till I Need Glasses?

A comedy comprised of short sexually suggestive skits.

A comedy are comprised of short sexually suggestive skits. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Can I Do It 'Till I Need Glasses? torrent reviews

Greg W (br) wrote: life during wartime-phillipino style

YUNG S (gb) wrote: This movie was surprisingly good. Definitely one of the better urban action crime thrillers to be released in quite some time. All of the actors deliver and the story is spelled binding, I hope this film gets released on bluray it deserves it.A-

Jennifer X (au) wrote: It's great to see Woody in his natural habitat - his neurotic tendencies, his anxiety, and most particularly, his love for Soon-Yi. She's a lot smarter and prettier and nicer and more talkative than I envisioned her. I totally get why this film was made, but it doesn't seem like a PR stunt. It seems to genuinely want to answer some hidden question.

Michael D (ca) wrote: surprisingly weak. bam!

Aaron B (de) wrote: Very realistic portrayals of Honor Guard ceremonies.

Josh H (de) wrote: I absolutely love it. It is one of the most frightening things I have ever watched. I still have nightmares after seeing it as a child. This movie doesn't try to impress you with expensive make-up or special effects. It doesn't need to. It's lackluster production value is well made up for in it's raw terror. The whole film is claustrophobic and smells of swamp water and muck. There is a "real-life" appeal to it. True, it has no real actors in it, and I think that makes it feel more like a documentary than a piece of fiction. If you are looking for a lot of gore then you've come to the wrong place, but if you want a B-movie that will make you afraid of going into the woods at night, this is the film for you.

Vtor M (ag) wrote: a atmosfera sobre dependncia de drogas. este drama que no conceito razoavelmente bem explorado em algumas ocasies.

James S (es) wrote: Harold Lloyd is a star of the silver screen, back when comedy wasen't the rauchy thing that it is today. Though if your a fan of today's comedy then you probably won't like much here. The inbetween jokes aren't that great here, but the funny stuff his what happens on the screen. He has great timing, physically and is able to tell so much of the story even without words. Still this uis the first of his films so I can't really call it his best or worst. The next one I watched that night I enjoyed more then this one. Another thing to note is the music score. It works well with what happens on the screen and helps tell the story. So if your an old comedy buff then you'll want to watch this one, because it's good at least.

Miguel R (de) wrote: National Treasure serves as a fun filled action flick with a far fetched concept

Jim H (de) wrote: Journalists cover the war in Sarajevo.Michael Winterbottom's film has its heart in the right place. Attempting to expose the violence and atrocities of war and their effects on children is admirable, but what's missing is a clear, central story arc; the film finds it about forty-five minutes into the film, but it's too late. What is more, the film is a combination of news footage and live action shots; this works, but Winterbottom over-uses the trick.Overall, I found it hard to dislike Welcome to Sarajevo, but I must admit that the story flounders.