Están recogiendo caracoles y metiéndoles en una bolsa de lona. Hay fragmentos de partes del cuerpo, un caracol sin concha...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1979
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dentist,   dog,   mansion,  

Están recogiendo caracoles y metiéndoles en una bolsa de lona. Hay fragmentos de partes del cuerpo, un caracol sin concha... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leo G (br) wrote: It lives up to its name.

Kerby H (au) wrote: Timothy's mental deterioration over time is captivating to watch unfold, but it was also hard to watch. The documentary is gripping, and it shows Treadwell's love for the grizzlies in an interesting way.

Dan L (jp) wrote: It's funny and better than I expected!

Corey n (ca) wrote: This is a solid heist film. Stars Ryan Reynolds, Kristin Booth, Joris Jarsky and David Suchet. Three friends as a hobby try to make a foolproof plan to rob a bank. But when a local criminal learns of them he blackmails them to help pull off a heist. They must use their wits to get out of this crime before they are killed or sent to jail. The film has a solid story and the acting is also solid. Some laughs in this with also some fun scenes when it comes to robbing the vault. If you enjoy a good heist film then give this a watch.

Jesse M (br) wrote: A dark, sobering, stylish, well-acted, depressing, funny, star-studded piece of entertainment with flair. Visual style is as incredible as all the acting. But it's really odd. And shouldn't work. But it does.

Shane D (gb) wrote: I remember when this came out it was touted as some kind of tour de force for all four of the main characters involved, but watching it many years later its clear that it has been relegated to being but another faded memory of 90s filler. Plus, what starts as a tightly wound thriller descends quickly into your average silly action film.

Jesse D (it) wrote: I've watched this more times than is good for me.

Timothy P (au) wrote: One of the top 10 comedies of all time. Jack Benny as Hamlet, directed by the great Ernst Lubitsch, one of Carole Lombard's last roles. The inspiration for Hogans Heroes. The immortal line "What Hitler did to Poland, he did to Shakespeare!".

Brian B (es) wrote: This sequel is far superior to the original. It fixed my main complaints for the original movie and improved in those areas. I think this is the best movie in the trilogy. That doesn't mean it's perfect but it's still a good improvement nonetheless. It has better action scenes, more memorable enemies, and less slow moments. The outback makes a great and better set then the first one. Many action movies have copied much of what this movie did because it made many great choices. After Max finds a group of people who took refuge, he plans to steal their oil but he finds out that another group of people are after them and he decides to team up with them to fight them. He becomes friends with the Gyro Captain and the Feral Kid and the movie gives some characterization. I also loved the death of the main antagonist. I found myself replaying the scene about 5 times because it was so spectacular. I don't feel that this movie did much revolutionary for its time but its great filming choices made it into a cult classic.

Chase K (br) wrote: [font=Georgia][color=black]Well, I finally got my hands on a copy of [i]The 400 Blows[/i], and it was predictably great. The best Francois Truffaut movie that I've seen and ranks along side [i]Contempt[/i] (Godard) as one of the best of the French New Wave films that I've seen so far.[/color][/font][font=Georgia][color=#000000][/color][/font] [font=Georgia][color=#000000]It's just a simple story about poverty and pre-teen angst at first - albeit really well shot and crafted - but I really like the way it explores the fears and anxieties of young children while also playing out as somewhat of an expose on juvenile hospitality in post-war France. I thought it was great the way that Truffaut almost justified the fact that the boy was a real pain in the ass - the film is enhanced because of it being semi-autobiographical. Very good, great ending.[/color][/font][font=Georgia][color=#000000][/color][/font] [font=Georgia][color=#000000][i]Overlord[/i] is an interesting British war-film, consisting of about half stock World War II footage and half live-action shooting (as in filming). The two constrast almost seemlessly, and that alone deserves recognition and praise.[/color][/font][font=Georgia][color=#000000][/color][/font] [font=Georgia][color=#000000]The narrative is purposely fractured with the stock footage serving as a break, and it's non-linear almost from the start. Fundamentally, it covers a soldier from his boot camp arrival to the invasion of D-Day, but the real star in this movie is how director Stuart Cooper makes this film look so damn great. Sometimes it almost feels like an early 40's documentary and the stock footage is astonishing if your a World War II buff. I recommend it.[/color][/font]

Paul D (nl) wrote: Nice enough, but for a much younger audience than myself.

Jonathan P (br) wrote: A perplexing story of our public schools, its teachers, its students and those who are only there because they have no other choice. Samuel Jackson gives a sound performance as the good teacher pushed over the edge by gang members who would rather cause problems than learn. Taking justice into his own hands 187 offers viewers an interesting take on what teachers deal with and how hard it has become to really do the job effectively Not great but effective in its message. .