• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:Swiss German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:one word title,  

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Jimmy J (au) wrote: interesting gripping documentary had to stop my self reading more on-line after this film

Christy W (us) wrote: Amazing Thailand light romantic movie. Glad to know that this is a celebration creation for Thailand MRT 10th anniversary. Through the story, it demonstrates fantastic Thailand's beauty and makes people want to be there for an enchanted romance. Cute leading actor and ordinary leading actress make this movie close to the reality. Love this warm and hopeful movie very much.

Karen H (it) wrote: 2017-01-12 watched for 2nd time

Brett R (gb) wrote: A good story. Good acting. The monsters were believable. The hero... not quite believable. The word 'twinness' didn't work for me. And the one twin, female, added a strange twist to an otherwise tight story. Under-rated. I liked it.

Gabriel M (kr) wrote: this is going from bad to worse, but Anna Faris is so cool

Don S (it) wrote: Not bad for a low budget sci-fi movie. Rutger Hauer plays his usual full of himself character. Josh Charles and Andrea Roth's characters were well acted. Not much in the way of special effects in the film, but the storyline carried it along just fine. Not an award winner by any means, but good enough to pass some time if you like B-movies.

Tuomas R (es) wrote: Tm leffa on niin huono ett on jo hyv! Chuck Norris pist hyppypotkuillaan saatanan joukkoja ruotuun Israelissa. Kaikista levottomin hahmo on Chuckin typari, joka on Rick James leitteineen ehdottomasti naurettavin ja stereotyyppisin neekeritypari I-KI-N.

Jackie (nl) wrote: - "Is that student bleeding?" - "Yes, we're taking care of it." Tag-line: "They fall asleep in class. Throw ink on each other. Never come in Mondays. And they're just the teachers." Worth checking out.

Scott S (mx) wrote: Just Before Dawn (1981) -- [6.5] -- It may be just another slasher film, but it's a pretty good one. I'm a sucker for horror movies that take place in the woods, because the woods always scare me. I love that this is shot entirely outdoors, in the beautiful mountains of Oregon. The cast of teenagers are all likeable enough, and the movie isn't too quick to begin dispensing with them, opting instead to (gasp) build a little suspense. Brad Fiedel's music is pretty minimal, but that electronic whistling noise is scary enough all by itself. If you like 'Friday the 13th' movies, this movie is better than most of them.

Brian P (mx) wrote: Weak movie. VERY WEAK

David J (jp) wrote: Much more than an interesting and (i assume) pretty accurate time capsule, also a well crafted film and very engrossing story. Along the same lines as Killer of Sheep.

Eric H (it) wrote: Debut for Director Roman Polanski is an Amateur Film made by a Professional. It is a Sometimes Remarkable and Precision Picture from a Perfectionist. Visually it is more Impressive than the Thinnest of Psychological Gamesmanship.Ultimately, this is a masterpiece. Great direction filled with a brilliant screenplay, it is probably the best debut film I have ever seen, as well as the best foreign-language film ever. I am not overestimating that, just thinking about this film gives me goosebumps. There aren't many films with sort of ambiguities like this, filling up each of the characters and the events of their lives.

shelly b (jp) wrote: saw this in elementary or highschool

Andrew M (nl) wrote: Despite having a flimsy narrative structure and a weak third act, National Lampoon's European Vacation is sure to garner laughs thanks to the always delightful Chevy Chase and lots of well timed jokes.

Fadwa I (ru) wrote: plzzz what is the song of the 32 minute heeeelp !