Cannibal is based on the true-crime story of Armin Meiwes, the "Rotenburg Cannibal" who posted an online ad searching for someone to volunteer to be mutilated and eaten. Unlikely as it may seem, someone actually replied. The film shows a fictional portrayal of the meeting between the cannibal and his victim/participant, their homosexual relationship, and the eventual mutilation and murder of said victim.

An internet advertisement placed by a man with a cannibalistic obsession brings yields a willing victim to serve up his own flesh in this dramatic account of the crime that shocked the world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Cannibal torrent reviews

Brian W (fr) wrote: Great insight to what most of us don't know. I met Cullen a couple weeks ago while he was working on his next project and he seems like a good guy. Definitely worth a watch.

Luke G (fr) wrote: Okay, The Last Winter was definitely a creative, yet ambitious, project. Be this as it may, the screenplay did not correlate to the superb acting and directing the film had. All I can say is, upon reading the synopsis on Wikipedia, I now get certain elements of this film. It's a rental, but it could have been a spectacle of a film. Furthermore, it is not a horror movie. It is a thriller, to whomever is reading this.

Carlos Z (mx) wrote: Cute movie, a little blah at times

Jessica R (ag) wrote: I watched this movie because of the cast only to be extremely disappointed! The plot was crap the dialogue was worse! And the ending was disappointing!

Avinash P (jp) wrote: Nice and dark ... And shabnammmmm

Private U (ru) wrote: this is super funny!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was laughing whole time?

MarionLouise H (kr) wrote: Beautiful actors & scenery. Ironic twist at the end.

Aswin W (nl) wrote: Perhaps one of Nicole Kidman's downgraded movies.

Linda B (nl) wrote: Amazing actors! Wonderful story, and so humorous!! I just loved it. Another awesome Canadian film that I own along with Margaret's Museum...wonderful!! There are so many more I want to see!!

Nick S (ag) wrote: Inexplicable, completely ridiculous and very funny. Another great Chow comedy.

Jeff Z (it) wrote: Kind of disappointing film has the Duke snowbound after a plane crash in the wilds of "unexplored country"--Canada. The best part of this is probably seeing all the old familiar faces--from Andy Devine and Harry Carey Jr. to Lloyd Nolan, James Arness, Fess Parker and Alpalfa. As much as I like seeing the old planes and the wilderness (actually Truckee, CA) its a bit of a bore and if they had been ready with the flare gun from the start the way MOST people would have been, this would have been a MUCH shorter movie.

Keith C (ru) wrote: Had the chance to watch this for the first time. I was interested in seeing one of Bogart's earlier films. Not being a huge fan of his I was interested in seeing him re-create a role on film that he played onstage. The film also has Bette Davis in one of her earlier films too. It's not that great of a story. A lot of dialogue and no real acting going on but it was great to see Bogart in this film.

Jake W (kr) wrote: clockwork orange but new

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David C (jp) wrote: Good Combo...Van Damme and Rodman

Sreejith M (de) wrote: The problem with a talky movie like My dinner with Andre is that after 2 minutes of each and every line you tend to forget what the actors are talking about. I tried to see this movie at least couple of times but my attention started to wander after 10 minutes in to the movie. Well, does that say something about the movie..?? May be not.. But for now, alI can say is that "Its not my cup of tea".. :(