Cannibal Terror

Cannibal Terror

After botching a kidnapping, two criminals hide with their victim in a friends house in the jungle. After one of them rapes the friend's wife, they're left to be eaten by a nearby cannibal tribe.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:1980
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:escape,   rape,   murder,  

After botching a kidnapping, two criminals hide with their victim in a friends house in the jungle. After one of them rapes the friend's wife, they're left to be eaten by a nearby cannibal tribe. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin P (gb) wrote: Een nietszeggend familiedrama die zich vooral lijkt te leunen op de prestaties van Kristen Wiig en Guy Pearce. Helaas zijn hun de enige lichtpuntjes, want voor de rest is Hateship, Loveship voornamelijk een slaapverwekkende zit.

Gabriel K (de) wrote: A solid movie, the plot is rather simple but works perfectly well, great directing and acting. I was really moved by the story.

Gabriel K (ag) wrote: Unexpectedly good, despite being a low budget movie and a cheesy cover that has nothing to do with the actual movie. It's psychological horror movie, if you are looking for a slasher flick, look elsewhere.

Andy B (au) wrote: This is a pretty strange movie. Gavin Rossdale is a surprisingly good actor and Erika Christensen did a good job in this one.

Jack W (ca) wrote: Responsible for most of my sense of humor and will always be one of my top comedies.

Lee R (de) wrote: Apparently one of the few films allowed to shoot in Mecca, the movie features some valuably unique (for American audiences) on-location footage and a huge generational/cultural father-son divide that we aren't expected to believe can be jumped in the course of a 3,000 mile drive. The father is too taciturn and the son too whiny to make this a great road trip movie but it has its moments.

Michael V (jp) wrote: yeah dis movie is funny but he got abit annoying but seigal funny everytime i think off him rushin a man got mi in stitches

Torion O (au) wrote: As a kid I liked it, but now I realize it is below average.

Scott C (ag) wrote: Joe Carnahan's Great First Try. Who the hell is Joe Carnahan? That's the very question I asked myself when I saw his name lumped in with other monster talents (John Woo, Tony Scott, AngLee, Guy Ritchie & Wong Kar-Wai) as one of the directors of the BMW short film series, 'The Hire'. He got the BMW gig because of his breakthrough 2002 film, 'Narc'. But four years earlier, he made his first feature, 'Blood, Guts, Bullets & Octane'. It's a low-budget indie flick shot on what looks like the cheapest 16mm film stock you can buy. The camera work is amateurish. The acting is amateurish (but fun to watch). The actors' skills aren't fully developed, but they all have presence. Joe Carnahan, who also has a major role in the film, is very fun to listen to, even if his performance is often too heavy-handed and self conscious. The thing that really stands out here is the dialogue. It sounds like a very good meld between Quentin Tarantino & David Mammet. Too bad the story wasn't better. It definitely needed more twists and turns. But, if you're a lover of independent cinema or an aspiring filmmaker, this is definitely a good one to watch. Joe Carnahan is definitely a rising talent.

Michael S (br) wrote: This requires the willing suspension of disbelief. Good production values but too many holes in the plot.

Jason S (br) wrote: pretty good mexican western type movie


Ben T (ag) wrote: "Top Gun" is a great 80's action movie with fantastic aereial action sequences and surprisingly good characters.

Fernando Rafael Q (it) wrote: A strange B-movie, that's also a satire of religious life. Amazing cinematography, a nice cast and few glimpses of a mature Pedro Almodvar ultimately lose out to its god-awful dubbing, which made me take out the DVD.

Chris C (nl) wrote: Fun 80's slasher, maybe cheesy but I like it.

Paul W (ru) wrote: The Rutles mockumentary pre-dates and clearly massively influenced Spinal Tap. It is at itsfunniest during Eric Idles python-esque intro segments, at its cleverest during the Neil Innes musical pastiches. Apparently Innes songs had previously so irked the owners of the Beatles back-catalogue that they tried to sue him. He had to testify he had not been listening to Beatles songs when composing his parodies, but rather did it all from memory. I wonder how involved Yoko Ono was in the litigation - it might go some way to explain why her part in the Rutles film is represented by a swastika armbanded avant-gardist...

Knox M (de) wrote: My love for this tremendous film runs on pure nostalgia and admiration. Maybe the most underrated film ever made!

An P (nl) wrote: Very romantic movie. I love the idea of soulmates waiting life after life for a reunion. And Ava Gardner was just amazing, as always :)

Timothy S (nl) wrote: Good action, Amber Heard is excellant

Karen H (es) wrote: 2017-01-08 good schmo