Canon City

Canon City

Prisoners battle each other -- and the police -- when they escape the Colorado State Penitentiary.

This movie centers around a prison escape from the Colorado State Penitentiary. There are 12 escapees and it shows the efforts placed to capture these men. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Javor B (kr) wrote: Amazing fighting sequences in this one!

Jamie C (fr) wrote: Shoot 'Em Up is the kind of film that's perfect to watch with your mates and just enjoy its nonsense and that's all it's good for, The story is simple and nothing new but the action is so OTT that we can't help but love it and when Clive Owen kills two people with a raw carrot we all know what kind of film it is, It's bloody and silly but it works well, Clive Owens dry humour works perfect as the film never takes itself seriously, It has everything a growing boy needs.

Kevin M W (de) wrote: Titillation fills in for fewer makeup effects as the first and so we've a couple of writhing-in-terror-in-bed-in-my-underwear scenes with Holly Fields and that's about it for this installment of the series. Many scenes of the bad guy standing around saying "fulfill the prophecy!" w/o doing a damn thing about it. Nearly frustrating.

Tim W (mx) wrote: It's wasn't that bad. Sure we all hate pretentious environmental movies, but this had some good moments. It had kind of relatable characters, a good moral, couple funny bits, and an awesome Tim Curry villain. Sure a lot of weird crap and eye rollers, and of course cliche predictability, but it could have been worse.

Andrew F (kr) wrote: This should be right up there with all the other Christmas Classics!

Cody H (it) wrote: I had completely forgotten about this movie until I stumbled across it again on Netflix--A very funny movie. I never thought there would be a movie with a flaming Zorro in various colors of disguise, much less that it would be great. As my girlfriend put it, it sounds like the name of a gay porno, but surprise, it's a great comedy!

Gman H (gb) wrote: I almost turned this off, but I stuck with it til the end hoping that it would improve, it didn't.Some funny moments here & there, just not enough of them. It's never good when a 90 minute movie feels like 2 hours+Generous score considering. [4/10]

Spencer K (de) wrote: a surprisingly slick, visually arresting, gory and violent modern day slasher film that works incredibly well. it's directed beautifully, and it looks amazing. a superbly glorious meta film that works as a sequel/remake/reboot to the original and and gives it a proper respectable homage. this is a movie made by horror lovers for horror lovers and I loved every minute of it.

Hugo G (de) wrote: 7.4/10I really liked the movie Like Crazy and how good director Drake Doremus was at elaborating complex drama with well rounded characters. And so this movie was very similar in that, meaning that this people really went on a journey that altered their life's, and that is shown on screen. Felicity Jones and Guy Pearce were excellent in this film, they had an incredible connection, and even in the earlier scenes, you could feel and see the tension between them. Also the story was a very unconventional romance that although in plain sight might seem as incorrect, but the characters and their stories are more complicated than generic, and so yo can understand from a different point of view. And although there were come cliches some not very likable characters, it was still a very good drama. ~August 17, 2015~

John B (nl) wrote: I read a blurb about this movie somewhere and put it in my Amazon basket ? I actually bought it, stocked up on chocolates and stayed in one cold night to watch it. Until I realized what it was I would have given it three or four stars. As the movie progressed I kept saying to myself, ?no, no, please don?t let it be ANOTHER didactic, puritanical American tale about who it is OK to have sex with! (or ?date? as the silly euphemism goes)?. But that?s exactly what happened. Janney is ?bad? because she has sex outside her ?fuddy-duddy approved, age appropriate sub-group?, Radnor is ?nearly bad? because as an ?old? 35 year old male HE nearly considers thinking about having sex with a 19 year old (the LAST American taboo), Olsen is ?good? because, though she goes and has sex with a slimy Jock Alpha male stereotype the night Radnor turns down her generous offer and Jenkins is ?good? because he reminds Radnor that one must never, ever have sex with a female younger than oneself. This was yet another pathetic American morality play about nonsense ? it would be laughed off the screen in any other country. Americans need to get over the fact that their daughters want (indeed many of them ?need?) to have sex with guys who are much older than they are and that this is normal. This is a saccharine movie about approving of who you have sex with. Yuch!!

Casen H (kr) wrote: Cheesy fun! Great laughs! Not intellectual by any means, but its refreshingly entertaining.