Cape Fear

Cape Fear

Sam Bowden witnesses a rape committed by Max Cady and testifies against him. When released after 8 years in prison, Cady begins stalking Bowden and his family but is always clever enough not to violate the law.

A lawyer's family is stalked by a man he once helped put in jail. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hemant Singh C (fr) wrote: Among few of the movies, which brings real emotions into the screen. Nicole at her best.

Alfredo S (ag) wrote: Lame jokes and lame characters in a mindless attempt to be witty

Tisha M (ag) wrote: This was a great movie!

James T (nl) wrote: A visually eclectic debate on communism and revolution, made just a year before the May '68 riots. Like Godard's other films at the time (such as Weekend), La Chinoise has little in the way of narrative, being more of a collection of sketches featuring five would-be Maoist revolutionaries in mid-sixties France. Not for those who want 90 minutes of escapist entertainment, but a great example of a master film-maker at his most experimental.

Stefan G (jp) wrote: It's not as bad as the critics will have you believe, but it definitely could be better. The film is essentially a weird fusion of sci-fi and medieval fantasy, which actually sounds like something I can be open-minded about. However, while the film looks pretty good, the story needed a lot more work. The characters aren't thought out very well, and some of the characters have names that sound as though the writers didn't care that much. Also, Lyssa comes across as a stereotypical damsel in distress who thinks that "love is eternal". Do we really need more of that? Finally, the special effects are actually not bad, but at the end of the film, they just seem so much worse, almost as though they ran out of money by that point. To be fair, it's not a horribly bad film, but it could have done with some improvement, and maybe it could have done a tiny little bit better with the special effects just for good measure.

Diego M (ca) wrote: A great action movie. Worth a watch.

scott g (mx) wrote: This wasent really funny but certainly was trying hard to be. it had a interesting concept. ringo playing a caveman casat out from his tribe and meeting new and interesting people and discoveries along the way and wanting to win back the girl who was the reason he was cast out. a lot of it falls flat and certainly misses a lot of marks. and if you like a film of physical comedy and grunting this is for you

BB B (nl) wrote: Finally, a LDS-theme movie that doesn't feel like someone grabbed a sketch comedy group and said, "Let's shoot a movie this weekend." Not only is there good production value, but the universal themes (over eager YW President) are constructed to let everyone in on the joke. Very funny movie with a positive message.Big thanks to Sean P Means for his SLTrib without which I never would have seen the movie.