A Swedish drama by Reza Bagher.

A Swedish drama by Reza Bagher. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Capricciosa torrent reviews

Bruno V (ag) wrote: Also second time watching , but the first time i was not awake enough ...this time better ...funny , action , adventure on a good level ! SOMDVD

Allie L (fr) wrote: Another one of those "my family is totally annoying and I have to go home and spend time with them." It was really irritating how they could dish it out but couldn't take it. Martin Lawrence is funny, but Michael Clarke Duncan steals the show. He's awesome. Neither one of the women Roscoe liked were that interesting. An okay little comedy.

Danielle C (jp) wrote: To be honest, the movie was definitely a let-down, for all you people who will judge the book off the movie, please give 'Eragon' a second chance, the movie is the very tip of the iceberg. The book is 1,000 times better than the movie, and I do wish the movie hadn't given the series such a bad name.

Eliabeth H (kr) wrote: Amazing story, amazingly filmed! Incredibly true to the photographs from the actual expedition.

Nadia C (de) wrote: Stupid movie. But kind of funny.

Joey C (jp) wrote: Perfect time capsule movie amazing... and is still great twenty years later... maybe that's because I never stopped watching it!

Matt G (de) wrote: Jarmusch's film about the incarceration and unlikely friendship of three men is a disarmingly funny tale about loneliness and the lies we tell ourselves. The title itself is false, something these three convince themselves of so they don't have to take responsibility for their actions. Lynch-ian surrealism and striking humanity all rolled into one.

JamesMasaki R (nl) wrote: It's barely a sequel to the first, and again uses stock footage of Lee from previous films, plus actors that look nothing like him, but the best way to work around the fact that the main actor can no longer 'act'? Just kill his character off. In an unusual move, the main character is killed off, then replaced by his 'brother' who suddenly appears in the movie. There is just so much genre hopping in this movie that by the end, you'll think it's a science fiction film. It's actually a bit better than "Game Of Death", but it's a silly convoluted plot...

Dolores H (ru) wrote: Too weird, too long. I'm only half-way through this 2 and a half hour movie, and I am hoping Oskar dies. Don't think I can be bothered to find out what happens in the end!! How did this film win the Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 1979???

Brandon G (us) wrote: Rita gets the movie an extra 1/2 star.

Nathan M (au) wrote: Very poorly produced, and didn't go into enough detail into the life of Page, just listed credentials mainly.

Cassandra M (ag) wrote: I thought that this movie was excellent, I watched it after a recommendation from a friend.After a slow first ten minutes when we get introduced to the main characters Toby Wong (an excellent Mark Dacascos)and Malik Brody (equally as good Kadeem Hardison) the action gets under way and doesn't stop until the closing credits.The jokes come quick and fast throughout and the film only gets better with the introduction of the fantastic but pretty unstable motel worker Deliverance Bodine (Brittany Murphy).

Sideshow B (ag) wrote: I saw this on tv yesterday. Arguably the worst 2 hours I have ever spent in my life. It looks 100% fake even for the 70s. Don't see it. Don't make the same mistake I did.

Greg R (br) wrote: Entertaining, pleasant and has music thats really catchy, Grease is a classic musical film that just never gets out of date.

Steve S (mx) wrote: I thought it was entertaining. It wasn't the most compelling or believable story but it was fun to watch. The acting was pretty good and the action scenes were decent. The sound volume was drastically different in different scenes, or maybe that was just my parents' TV.