Captain Blood

Captain Blood

Errol Flynn leads a group of slaves to freedom and piracy.

An enslaved doctor and his comrades in chains escape and become pirates of the Robin Hood variety. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Roy S (es) wrote: There is something satisfying seeing "gotchya" documentarians who like to hound people themselves be hounded. Their whole "people have a right to know" shtick is revealed as the self-serving hypocrisy it so often is. This otherwise mundane doc goes beyond just this stunt, and makes a case not so much for fracking as against the documentary GASLAND and its creator, and a convincing one at that. My conclusion is that there has never been a doc as acclaimed as GASLAND that is so fraudulent in its execution. McAleer doesn't rely on gas company statistics (or money, which he got from Kickstarter). He uses national and state EPAs, and tenured faculty at Berkley. The upshot is that ther is not a single piece of evidence that anything is GASLAND is verifiable or true. Even the "money shot" where an individual lights his well water on fire turns out to have been something that happened in that area decades before fracking started, and indeed is a somewhat common and harmless natural phenomenon. All but eight families in the area are happy about the situation, and the one spearheading the charges against the fracking is clearly shown to be a little crazy.

Quinn R (jp) wrote: Brilliant movie. The most laugh out loud moments I've had watching a movie since Little Miss Sunshine. Strikes a good balance between the funny and the poignant. Krasinski and Rudolph have terrific chemistry. The cinematography is superb. I have no idea why the critics are so mixed on the film because there is nothing in this movie not to like.


Keily O (de) wrote: i own it and love it

Ben M (es) wrote: This movie is romantic, and i love it

Brett W (au) wrote: Very interesting interpretation. Especially for Hopkins.

Sarah F (gb) wrote: I wonder what this is about, i think ill see it!

Allan C (ca) wrote: Solid bit of film noir has a fairly risqu set-up that I'm surprised got past the production code. Dick Powell has an extramarital affair with Lizabeth Scott and is then sucked into something of a downward spiral involving Scott's jailbird ex-boyfriend. Jane Wyatt plays Powell's wife. What makes this film interesting is that the Hollywood production code allowed extramarital affairs for villains who were punished, but never for the hero of the film. The story goes that the film was not going t one allowed to go into production because of this story element, so the studio invited to execs from the production code office and then also invited their mistresses. The film was then allowed to be made. Andr De Toth directed.

corey s (de) wrote: While it was far from great I mean real far from being a great movie A most violent year was okay. what is was lacking was the the actual violence I do understand that Abel Morales wasn't trying to be a gangster and he didn't have to be but the Mob that was in the movie should have been shown more doing crimes. I wouldn't say its a must see and as long as you go in thinking your seeing a mob movie then you should like this movie

Steve W (br) wrote: Woody Alen plays Joe, who narrates his childhood growing up in the days of radio and WWII. The following is a simple coming of age tale that has a cast of wonderful characters, and that's it. There's no big family scuffle or drama, its just a nostalgic view of that time period. Its more drama than comedy, but a very accessible film for all.