Captain Blood

Captain Blood

Le capitan is a 1960 French-Italian swashbuckler film directed by André Hunebelle and starring Jean Marais, Bourvil, Elsa Martinelli and Lise Delamare. It is based on a novel by Michel Zévaco.

Le capitan is a 1960 French-Italian swashbuckler film directed by André Hunebelle and starring Jean Marais, Bourvil, Elsa Martinelli and Lise Delamare. It is based on a novel by Michel Zévaco. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan H (fr) wrote: Days of Future Past combines Bryan Singer's great direction with fantastic action, acting, and writing to make one of the best superhero films of all time.

Cynthia S (mx) wrote: Michael Sheen steals the show, and turns in another excellent performance. The movie itself was a little under whelming for me...decent, but nothing overly exciting.

Matthew P (ca) wrote: Best Laid Plans opens with banter between two characters. The first is Bryce (Josh Brolin), who's telling a joke to Nick (Alessandro Nivola). They're at a bar, catching up after a long time apart. In walks a woman, Lissa (Reese Witherspoon). We fade to black, and a montage informs us that Lissa and Bryce ended up having sex. The next thing we see is Nick picking up the phone, with Bryce on the other end asking if Nick can come over. It's an emergency. There isn't much urgency to Bryce once Nick shows up, which seemed weird to me. Drinks are even offered. Anyway, it becomes clear that Bryce isn't okay, as he's in a panic and he's shaking. The news is spilled: Lissa is accusing him of raping her. Through digging through her purse, it's discovered that she's a minor, despite carrying one ID that says she's 21, meaning that Bryce, a college professor, could be charged with statutory rape. He says that will mean at least ten years in prison. There's not much he can do, Nick tells him. That's where Bryce's friend is wrong; there is something that the pair can do. See, instead of letting Lissa go to the police, Bryce put her in handcuffs and threw her in the basement. She's down there now, and when we go see her, Nick shows compassion. He wants to play the good cop, after all. After some deliberation, it's determined that Nick will threaten her in hopes that she'll decide not to tell on Bryce for breaking the law, and in exchange, she'll be released. I don't want to spoil any more of the plot than that, but I will say one thing: After this decision, and after a key reveal, we flash backward to four months prior to this night. We learn about what led up to this point: Why certain characters act the way they do; how Bryce, someone without a lot of money, is living in this dream house; why Nick's life might be on the line, in spite of his calm demeanor; the reason behind Lissa's lawsuit threat, and so on. It all hinges on a plot twist, which I will not reveal. About 50 minutes of Best Laid Plans is dedicated to this flashback, only allowing 40, or maybe even less, for the current story. This is a lot of build-up, and it's a bit too much for my liking. For instance, after we see footage of the previous three months, we don't need to see the meeting in the bar on this day, especially as we've already seen part of it. There isn't anything revealing here that we haven't already picked up on. This doesn't make the film feel too long, but it does make it smell of padding, which is always a bad thing. There are a few moments throughout when there should have been tighter editing. It's a 92 minute film, although it would have been better at 90. Yes, I do believe that those two minutes make a big enough difference to note. A film like this requires your constant attention to be successful, and when you're wondering why it's showing you something, you won't be thinking about the plot. Best Laid Plans is a thriller that keeps you engaged both during the set-up and after. You enjoy the flashback, which involves a drug deal gone bad, and you also enjoy the aftermath, which involves murder, the same drug dealers, a timer, and Abraham Lincoln. It's very satisfying for the most part, and you'll likely stay engaged for the majority of the film's running time. Eventually, it tried too hard, I think. There always has to be one more twist, which leads to the film having too many. It tries for a lot of sleight of hand, a lot of character turns and revelations -- the final one was too silly to be believed. Sure, it makes sense in some respects, but it takes away from the film and makes a rewatch difficult. It's also done for no reason, included seemingly because the filmmakers weren't sure how to end their film. What's shocking about this movie is how much it gets you to care about characters that are ... less than endearing, to put it nicely. Apart from Bryce, both Nick and Lissa garner sympathy throughout. Bryce is just unlikable, and with the basic premise that I've shared, you can believe that he would have raped Lissa. She's no shining star herself (passing herself off as a minor), and after other character reveals, you learn how nefarious she and Nick actually are, but because their reasons for acting this way are pure, we don't mind their deeds. These characters are three dimensional, well-acted, enjoyable to spend time with. Best Laid Plans is a very good movie that's thrilling throughout, save for approximately two minutes when it begins to drag. That's nitpicking, to be sure, but it's those two minutes away from being a great film. As it is, it's very engaging, contains characters that you will care about even in spit of their flaws, and while the plot might try to be a little bit too clever at times, the choices made don't hinder our enjoyment. This is an enjoyable thriller that you'll likely have a good time with. I know I did.

Thaabiet D (es) wrote: I dont know if the other reviewers was watching the same movie, this is a classic in my opinion among the likes of the Last Boyscout and Bad Boys, Don johnson and Mickey Rourke compliment each other well, the action was great for at the time it was made, again this was never gonna win an acadamy award, but if its action comedy you want, I recommend this Bad Boy movie.

Phil H (ca) wrote: Yes this is the film that the famous rock band took their name from after they saw how people enjoyed being frightened. An Italian horror movie with a low budget but an international cast, so a different flavour to the British horror anthologies. This film was also one of the first horror anthologies I do believe, before the likes of Amicus and Hammer got the idea.The stories are introduced by Boris Karloff who is simply standing in front of a dated psychedelic-esque background and giving a speech about all things creepy basically. The funny thing is he is dressed quite normally in a simple suit and is hammering on about vampires and spectres as if this were a Vincent Price movie. The stories you see aren't really in that classic vein though, these tales are actually much more grounded and genuinely creepy (well two are).The first short story revolves around a young French call-girl who starts getting terrorised by phone calls from her ex-pimp (spoiler alert). This pimp has just broken out of jail and is threatening her life because she was responsible for putting him away. The young girl calls her female friend around to help and comfort her, little does she know the threatening calls are from her friend who is simply trying to reunite with her. The friend figures this is the only way the young call-girl will allow her back into her life...pretty extreme way of making up isn't it! In the end the real pimp shows up and kills them both just as the friend was writing a note to explain what she has been doing.This first tale is quite poor I think, its in no way scary or remotely thrilling, especially when you discover the friend is behind it all. The thing is this revelation gave me a better idea, they should of made the pimp the one behind the calls as originally expected. Then in the end when the call-girl discovers this it would have been cool to also find out the pimp was killed in his prison escape attempt so all along the calls were coming from beyond the grave. The fact that the pimp merely turns up and kills both young women is a complete anticlimax, just a basic murder. Its very glossy though, it actually looks like a high production porn flick at times.Next up is a more kooky traditional tale of ghoulies in the night...well a spin on vampire lore actually. Set in 19th century Russia a young man stumbles across a small family in the wilderness who are battling against a breed of creature known as Wurdalak. These things are undead zombie types that feed on the blood of the living, especially relatives they once knew strangely enough. Karloff plays the father of this family that ventured out to kill a Wurdalak but has returned one himself, naturally the story plays out as a battle of survival for all the living.Definitely the best looking of the three stories, the sets and props are really sumptuous in this and could easily be part of a full length movie. Great atmosphere with the swirling mist and bleak locations but the actual tale is pretty daft really. Karloff is wonderful as the pale grizzled bearded undead nightstalker but end of the day he's merely playing an unkempt Dracula. Everything goes as you might predict admittedly but thinking back I just can't fault the production values on this one.The final act sees a woman stealing a fancy ring off another woman who has recently passed away. This sets off all manner of supernatural occurrences such as a mysterious dripping of water, a mysterious fly that won't leave her alone and eventually the dead woman's corpse actually appearing before her. Now this short vignette is the jewel in the crown for this movie, its actually incredibly spooky and very atmospheric with the dripping water echoing around the woman's house. It really does give you the chills...that is until the finale where the corpse appears and really does freak you the fuck out! The dead body has this God awful twisted expression on her face which is enough to keep you up at night I kid you not, that on top of the whole 'Ring-esque' sequence where it moves towards the terrified woman. The final twist in the tale here is again predictable but oh so delicious.There is no way an American movie in that era would or could pull off something this scary, at the time this was hard core stuff, the Italians were bold and brave. The mix of half naked ladies, the image of call-girls (hookers), blood and the surprisingly scary final story gave this film a real edge rarely seen in British or American horror anthologies. What's more this entire production clearly has so much class, skill and polish, every segment looks great, sounds great and could work as an individual movie in its own right. The first is standard murder fare, the second is standard ghoulish fare and the third is possibly the inspiration for many modern horror movies ('The Ring'!)...but they are all done very stylishly making other examples look crap in comparison.Its such a shame Bava chose to end the movie by revealing Karloff astride a fake horse and with all the cameras and crew. The main camera pulls back to reveal the studio floor as Karloff finishes his spooky speech. Not too sure why he's in his Wurdalak character get up either. Can't deny its a fun little ending and very interesting to see how they did that effect, but at the same time I can't help but feel they kinda extinguish everything they managed to created and visualise so well prior to that.8/10

David S (gb) wrote: A thinking man's film about the working of command. The unique way in which the men who fought at Guadalcanal are presented brings a geniune look at the men who suffered and died on "that [email protected]@king island" as it was known among the soldiers there. What is more suprising is the even-handed nature in which we are introduced to the Japanese. I find this movie to be very watchable, and I've watched it again and again.

Cassie H (br) wrote: I had just started liking Carl Weathers after I first started watching him in the Rocky movies.Boy,did my opinnion of him become greater,but I realize after his great acting in the Rocky movies as Apollo Creed,his acting as Jericho "Action" Jackson is PHONOEMENAL!!!

Sarah K (es) wrote: Pretty good movie overall. I didn't learn much but there were a few laughs.