Captain Midnight

Captain Midnight

Secret Service Major Steel is one of the few men in America aware of the fact that Captain Albright is also Captain Midnight, daring masked aviator dedicated to fighting gangsters and enemies of America.

Secret Service Major Steel (Joseph W. Girard), is one of the few men in American aware of the fact that Captain Albright (Dave O'Brien) is also Captain Midnight, daring masked aviator ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben B (nl) wrote: Terrible movie. Where do I start ? I'm not even going to make an effort, since the filmmakers didn't either. Hint: you know there's German soldiers in the scene if you hear a metal spoon rattling inside a tin cup. Or maybe they are wearing cowbells. WTF ? No matter , as the "elite" American paratroopers certainly wouldn't lower their voices or limit their conversation when crouched behind enemy lines, trying to avoid detection. No sir. Go ahead and talk louder than usual . Yell at each other about nothing , even better. This drowns out the cowbells or tin-can strings that the German soldiers are apparently dragging around behind them, so it's even (?)What is really disturbing to me is that fact that many of the principles involved in creating this film are presumably still alive and active in the film industry , and they might possibly make another film . God help us !

Marcela M (fr) wrote: Not the documentary I was expecting. Had never heard of Albert Brooks--was the joke supposed to be that he's really not that funny even for Americans?

MF J (de) wrote: I saw this film at the movies when it came out but to be honest i don't remember much apart from the fact critics hated the film and i enjoyed it because it was really well shot, acted perfectly by a brilliant cast and really interesting story wise.

Ryan V (jp) wrote: Great movie! Interesting tactics on both sides.

Maryam M (ca) wrote: Loved the musics in the movie

Andrey B (kr) wrote: I don't know if it's a good picture and whether it was a good acting from Roberts but i don't get this feminist stuff and those many scenes with Julia's boobs.

Phillie E (de) wrote: Heavy handed satire.

Russell H (nl) wrote: Outrageously funny moments in this one

Reid V (kr) wrote: Hark is back to take on the encroachment of foreigners. This time he focuses on a radical faction in China called the White Locust who want to see the death of all foreigners so their country can live in peace. Where as the message got a bit muddled in the first one, I think it is clearly and smartly driven home in this film. The civil wars that have sprung up due to Western imperialism wrecks havoc on the land, even when the rival faction may be driven by good intentions. They symbolism and the action is rich and are very captivating to watch. I'm surprised at how culturally different this film is for me, yet how involved I became with these characters. It has certainly changed my mind on Hong Kong cinema and the depth of this film is something to be enjoyed by all. It is hard to sum up my experience, and even though I fear I am doing a terrible job, I urge you to sit down with this series. It is certainly worth your time.

Alexander C (au) wrote: Would like to get round to watching.

Francisco S (br) wrote: Maps to the stars is a morbid movie (in the good way), that suffers from a confusing plot with some inconsistencies, but that has some unexpected frighteningly funny moments, due to the great performances of the cast.

Andrew G (de) wrote: Unbearably awful in every conceivable way.