The sought-after images of top model, Jennifer, adorn magazine covers and billboards worldwide. When alone at a charity event, she is abducted and incarcerated in a cell with another prisoner. When their captor subjects the two to torture, and commit to escaping the chamber of horrors before they're killed.

A man and a woman awaken to find themselves captured in a cellar. As their kidnapper drives them psychologically mad, the truth about their horrific abduction is revealed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Captivity torrent reviews

Carlos M (mx) wrote: WTF! Ahora se lo que pasa cuando se consume LSD.

jing b (ag) wrote: they drag the story.its so boring

Benny K (us) wrote: Bad, bad, bad. Lofranco is a horrible actor, and should just go back to working for Abercrombie and Fitch.

Matt K (ca) wrote: While this isn't the best documentary I've ever seen Rev. Billy sure is entertaining. He's made his life a performance with an anti-consumerism message. It's a great gimmick bringing the issue into new light.

Charlie E (us) wrote: Freakish funny as it is.

Marko O (nl) wrote: Wow... I'm the first to review it. Seen it on the Croatian RTL yesterday. Feels in so many ways like a cheaper, more boring Rush Hour knock-off. It does get funny, but not sure if that was intentional (the "Admit it" scene) and the typoed "Have you see this design.." mail to "all police forces over the "police internet". It seems from some scenes that someone was a bit pretentious while shooting some scenes, which just didn't fit too well with the script in general. Then again, I'm probably being even more pretentious by writing this. Hm. All in all, there are far worse action movies around, but that doesn't make this one any better. 2.25+

Cole B (us) wrote: A vampire movie unlike other vampire movies. While following many basic elements of the genre it flips other elements on their head. A sad, disturbing and hauntingly beautiful horror film that is more concerned with the scary things that live in us than the scary things that live outside of us.

Dy M (jp) wrote: This could be a movie family treat, especially with the father-daughter relationship :-) Can't help but cried over this way back my sophomore year in college :-)

Millo T (ru) wrote: A little too much twisted in some moments, and with the only interest of Linda Fiorentino, but amusing femme fatale story. Between 2.5 and 3.

David B (ag) wrote: A very enjoyable 60's heist movie starring Peter Ustinov, Robert Morley and Maximilian Schell. Not as slick as Ocean's 11, but a lot more tongue in cheek. Peter Ustinov is great, but not worthy of an Oscar award. 1964 must have been a very bad year.

Anand K (es) wrote: kind of annoying to watch...