Capullito de alhelí

Capullito de alhelí


Moises is a mature homosexual, which is having an affair by correspondence with Hilario, a recently widowed man who lives in Valencia. They decide to meet in Madrid and live together. But the chosen day is 23 February, the one in which Lieutenant Colonel Tejero attempts a coup d'etat. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kenia v (fr) wrote: Sad movie but liked it.

Barney o (de) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: Writing a review for 'Sightseers' isn't a particularly easy thing to do, because all there really is to say is that it's completely bonkers. I could try and quantify its hilarity with words and dissect the reason its blend of satire and off-the-wall situational humour makes me laugh, but actually I'm not really sure why it does. In some ways the fact I find it so amusing confuses me because it really shouldn't, but then that's the beauty of comedy than Ben Wheatley seems to enjoy exploiting. I enjoy it too.WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: It is the same sort of weird joke for quite a long time...VERDICT: I suspect Amy Jump would be very pleased about the fact I can't really quantify my thoughts, but the bottom line is that this film is very funny, and very weird. Go see it.

Larry L (de) wrote: Decent movie, not what you might think.

soul r (ag) wrote: a little too much chain of command BS that makes you frustrated

mary a (gb) wrote: I want to see full movie now

Ngc K (mx) wrote: Rorschach is sure to save many of the shaky plots for this movie

Alex W (nl) wrote: This is a B movie for people who like there Bruce Campbell cheesy with a side of weird. He does give a great elvis performance i barley recognized him. This is not my kind of film but i felt it had potential.

Jeff Z (ru) wrote: i feel like i've seen 34829304 documentaries about unions and they are all the same.

Sam Z (ag) wrote: WTF. 101 dalmations is alot.

Private U (fr) wrote: Seriously?!? This movie was so bad, so historically inaccurate!

Leo L (br) wrote: HILARIOUS! Absolutely brilliant! Loved Adam Beach in this one. One could not help but feel for Michael Greyeyes's character. Oohh!!

Kurt B (mx) wrote: A true story of sorts just with the added effect of a helicopter, cigarette machines, computers and bolt action rifles in the mid eighteen hundreds, Walker is the story of a man who basically invades another country declaring it's for their best that America should rule it. It's an adventure story as much as it is a war film and a satire which had me enjoying it from the off. Walker is a film that I believe doesn't take its self seriously but has a strong message with it, Walker is shown as a hero but yet it's obvious he is an absolute nob. He shows exactly what a nasty piece of work people who are given absolute power can be but at the end of the day still be perceived as the hero. Another thing I noticed was that Walkers army had muskets but whenever they get into a confrontation those muskets turn into bolt action rifles which I thought must resemble the difference in power when countries like America invade lesser countries Vietnam or something? I spent about fifty minutes looking for Joe Strummer and Dick Rude's cameo appearance and when I found it, it was less than four seconds but still made me laugh. The key to the enjoyment of this movie was its absurdity like in Terry Gilliam movies and if the likes of Roger Ebert can't see past historical accuracies and every detail being perfect then they should shove a firework up themselves. That man just seems to make everyone's minds up for them and takes away peoples own opinions which make us all individuals.

Caroline B (fr) wrote: Disturbing and wonderful. This is classic Pop culture, in all it's cruelty.