Car Bomb

Car Bomb

Forget about nuclear missiles, the decisive weapon of the twentieth century is the car bomb. After Iraq we now know you can defeat a Superpower, start a civil war or just blow up your own Government with a trunk load of home-made explosives and a battered old car. From the Middle East, Oklahoma, Ireland and the streets of the City of London the car bomb has shaped human conflict. Even today the car bomb remains the number one terrorist threat across the world. In this film, ex-CIA agent Robert Baer uncovers the history of this extraordinary weapon. With footage of car bomb attacks and interviews with car bombers, Baer reveals how the century of the car turned into the century of the car bomb. And how a dream of freedom turned nightmare.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:101 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:bomb,   bombing,   terrorist,  

Forget about nuclear missiles, the decisive weapon of the twentieth century is the car bomb. After Iraq we now know you can defeat a Superpower, start a civil war or just blow up your own ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tracy C (br) wrote: Watched this last night and as a fifty something - married for almost thirty years person I was really looking forward to it. So to cut to the chase I found both the characters ghastly miserable depressing people, the story line like a pretentious art house move and all in all couldn't have cared less what happened to them or their marriage. I think the trailer and promo material is advertising a light upbeat happy film when its basically a depressing piece of misery.

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Jessica P (nl) wrote: Less of a sequel to the first one, more of a remake of the Japanese original. At least it makes sense unlike the first one.

Roberto A (gb) wrote: This movie was painful to watch, everything is bad, the story, the acting, don't even bother.

Trey W (ag) wrote: So someone decided to remake 'Mad Max' with a dash of 'Killer Plague' and 'Medieval Times'... WHY!? And why do post apocalyptic survivors always turn into crazy punk rockers?!

Ashley W (kr) wrote: A triumph in Disney sequels. It proves to display a clever story, all while containing the same lovable characters.

Veronica B (au) wrote: The call girl was annoying but the movie was average. Don "The Dragon" seems well known, but his karate moves weren't impressive.

Jeri P (gb) wrote: Meh. This is a slow mockumentary of a documentary/film shoot at Loch Ness involving director Zak Penn and Werner Herzog. I'm sure it was fun for the filmmakers, but even as a Herzog fan I wasn't amused.

Tiana J (ag) wrote: If there is a movie that I made through without changing the channel, From Justin to Kelly is that movie.When Kelly (Clarkson) and Justin (Guarini) embark on a vacation in search of some fun in the sun with their respective groups of friends, the two meet and fall for each other at first sight. Unfortunately, a series of comedic mishaps and hijinks gets in the way of them getting together. Several song-and-dance numbers ensue.From Justin to Kelly is one big commercial for Kelly Clarkson (who is the winner of season one of American Idol) and Justin Guarini (who is the runner-up of season one of American Idol). Sometimes that is not a terrible thing but in case of this film, it is. For them to be singers to be in a movie like this together as a whole, they must have chemistry. In the case of From Justin to Kelly,saying Clarkson and Guarini's is nonexistent is an insult to any two leads with missing chemistry with each other.The story is really idiotic and paint-by-numbers. I have seen this done before. Our characters (and I use that word loosely) get together then they break up for some reason and then they get back together (blah blah blah). We get it! Try something new, please. Oh, I forgot! The producer and writer of Spice World directed this film. Let that sink in for a second!The two things that should have been good is the songs and choreography. And boy, they are a letdown. The songs in From Justin to Kelly are some of the most banal songs in recent memory. They are not enjoyable to listen to. The songs are dull and unlistenable. And the choreography is the worst I have ever seen. It is so bad that the film won the Governor's Award at the Razzies.There is one thing good about From Justin to Kelly. That is the voice of Anika Noni Rose (who later did Dreamgirls and The Princess and the Frog). And that is it. Unfortunately, her beautiful voice along with Clarkson is just wasted in a film like this.As a notorious stinker, from the flat acting, the conventional plot, the boring songs, and you name it, From Justin to Kelly is a complete failure. It is a movie so bad that Clarkson felt contractually obligated to do the movie. After watching it, I totally believe her. It is a good thing that she went and did better things with her career. I questioned myself like" Is there any point to the film besides making for Clarkson and Guarini?" The answer to that is a no. This was an excuse for them to have their own movie after their season of American Idol was over. Don't get me wrong! There is nothing wrong that. However, if you get the writer and producer of Spice World, it can go the left really quick. And too bad it didn't work out for Clarkson and Guarini. Unless you are a teen, watch some Kelly Clarkson music videos instead or just listen to her music (which are way better). You are better off doing that.

MarcAlexander T (ca) wrote: It's hard to know what to say about a movie which doesn't say much itself. The concept of the story was intriguing but was, for various reasons, never delivered. The acting might not have been so bad if one had actually had the feeling they were being directed. Unfortunately, anything resembling direction or plot or even a screenplay that anyone NOT off his head on crack cocain might understand had been carefully weeded out before the cameras even got rolling. There are so many loose ends in this movie that my head is still reeling even now (am I the only one who got a lesbian vibe from the mother? What was up with the young Republican going to Palm Springs to get Henry back and then just crashing with him instead?) There are at least three or four different stories that begin to be told and yet none of them are brought to any kind of believable or indeed even discernible finish. Just like in real politics I guess: a lot of hot air up front and nothing to back it up when you dig a little deeper...

Thomas L (ca) wrote: Considering I am a Bills fan, I find this movie very below average.

Scott C (de) wrote: Extremely likeable stars in a fairly forgettable story.

Amanda S (au) wrote: My favorite version of the story. Loved it since I was little. So glad to find it on dvd! Amelia Shankley gives a superb performance.

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Jessica H (es) wrote: Another waste of your time and a cheap attempt to create what little magic the first film had.

James L (au) wrote: I found this film pretty funny and it wasn't so over the top outrageous like part 1 and part 2...but these are definitely the kind of films you have to prepare yourself to watch with a very light heart ; because they sometimes border on the ridiculous .

Katt M (nl) wrote: Personally I think scrap the films and stick to the books Mr. Green, The Fault In Our Stars was your last novel and that was 3 years ago. We want more.