This film is based upon the book with the same name, by Håkan Nesser, one of Swedens most appreciated "crime-authors".

(In Swedish with English Subtitles)Episode 5, Carambole - Carambole is the story of a doctor, in love and happy, who one rainy night accidentally hits a young boy with his car and drives ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Carambole torrent reviews

Ankit A (gb) wrote: Throw Rotten Tomatoes on this one

Juli N (es) wrote: Enjoyed the fight scenes, it kept me engaged and entertained!

George E (gb) wrote: I stopped watching this piece of abomination 15 minute in.

Sanjid P (es) wrote: Loved the setting and the beautifully twisted a story from Amicus or Tales from the Crypt anthologies.

Dan I (jp) wrote: Visually and musically this movie is great, and the cast is admirable in their construction of characters that give those visuals and the music a fantastic vibe. But I was so bored during this movie. Granted, musicals aren't necessarily my favorite genre, but I feel like this is a movie that wanted me to like it a lot and maybe that yearning for admiration tainted the process since it comes across as insincere.

Muffin M (au) wrote: Harvard's star basketball player, Alan (Adrian Grenier), is pushing his luck. He must hide one girlfriend, Cindy (Sarah Michelle Gellar), the daughter of a mob boss, from his other girlfriend, Chesney (Joey Lauren Adams), his promiscuous Philosophy professor. Alan's escapades finally catch up with him when his family faces dire financial difficulty. To remedy the situation, Alan asks Cindy to approach her mobster father for a loan. He offers the money on one condition: throw the next game. While Alan contemplates the idea, he must juggle two girlfriends, deal with the mob, and face the FBI. also stars Rebecca Gayheart, Eric Stoltz, Ray Allen, Michael Aparo, Adam Bloch and Gianni Russo.directed by James Toback.

diana w (jp) wrote: I have actually found myself liking this film, to my surprise....

Andr D (nl) wrote: Terence Hill y Bud Spencer ahora estan acompanados de Eli Wallach en este inmortal spaghetti western que no tiene el mismo ritmo de otros trabajos del genero, pero que cumple su cometido de absorber y entretener

Paul B (de) wrote: Straw Dogs doesn't seem to offer much outside of its hugely controversial sequences, which are every bit as disturbing now as they were 40 years ago. It's a film that claims to "examine the instinctual capacity for violence," though has been done better in other later films.

Cristian T (au) wrote: Where is the great ROLAND JOFFE from "The Mission" and "The Killing Fields"?.Not in this bad movie, of course.

Daniel D (es) wrote: O Filme bom, porm vc espera algo mais dele, no fundo um kra que no sabe quando parar que se une com outro kra que tem sorte mas no est no jogo pela grana e sim pela vida maluca que ele leva... O viciado em jogo vai torrar tudo aquilo que pode e no pode, para no final conseguir levar uma bolada, que com certeza ir perder jogando...