An introverted man runs a "car cemetery" where people come to find parts for old vehicles.

An introverted man runs a "car cemetery" where people come to find parts for old vehicles. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Carcasses torrent reviews

Hugo G (es) wrote: A beautiful movie, with beautiful performances.

Maria V (it) wrote: Preferia mais nfase na parte criativa de Chanel e no tanto na sua vida pessoal. Mas no deixa de ser um bom desempenho de Tautou :)

Craig T (it) wrote: A clumsy, amateurish film that works almost in spite of itself. Though the plot is drenched in molasses until an unexpected, and unclear, third act, the film still manages a proper balance between genuine sweetness and menace that is affecting.

Robert I (ca) wrote: Ed Neumeier continues to please me. He decides that if he can't have a real budget, we'll write the best damn script ever. This does not pull ANY punches. Prepare to be pissed off Midwest and your traditional values! MWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Billie Josephin Marie S (ru) wrote: i haven't seen the whole movie but a bit nd it's pretty good!

Alan D (jp) wrote: Utterly tedious. Main character is soulless and dull. Her 'journey' is of little interest. After an hour, I turned it off as I couldn't care less how it ended.

Sandra s (ru) wrote: 7elw moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot.iasha 7abet herethik mn 3'er matshofo 3an tari2 el radio.w kan beyshta3'al m3aha bas makanoush ya3rafo.w 7abo ba3d awii.w lama 3erfet howa min b3ed 3anaha 4 ever w she married sa7bo in the end.

Ian R (kr) wrote: What the hell, this was actually not bad? While Michael Rooker is not the best choice for a leading man, the premise of this movie was actually somewhat interesting and there were some halfway decent action scenes. Not up to the standards of Van Damme's best, but by far better than some of the other DTV crap his co-horts are putting out... cough cough... Seagal.. cough cough.

Kevin M W (nl) wrote: Cutesy homeless pair (a man and a little girl!!!) bum around from town to town (!) until they literally run in to a sympathetic lawyer (!!!), and that's just the set-up (unbelievable!). Dated because Hughes intentionally means to conjure up the days and spirit of Shirley Temple's joie d'vivre this only achieves a violation of audience goodwill. 3 year olds will disagree w/my assessment, I grant you that.

Wade C (nl) wrote: The story is great, it had everything action adventure, it was funny and has room for a second movie!

Maymay A (it) wrote: I found most of it boring, but the ending pretty much redeemed the entire film.

Carolann C (br) wrote: great movie loved it

Simon D (fr) wrote: Nice one Hitcho, I do like the idea that this film is based on. The splendid plot meant that you are hooked to see how it all turns out right till the end. Very deep characters on display too, which is impressive.

Arif E (au) wrote: Seems like this is where it all began - the genre of mindless yet endearing comedies with an extremely lovable Hepburn. A delightful watch even in 2014!

Bheema D (ag) wrote: While the teenage actors show (almost) excessive amounts of appropriate emotions, the adult actors seem stoic and statuesque. Every plot point in this movie seems to be intensely overtly conventional, but every scene in this movie is as effective at getting under your skin as any King or Craven film. Some will look at these contradictions, most will probably, and see the film as a mess. But Da Ca$hman saw in these contradictions a very interesting and meta allegory for the contrast of love and murder in this film. To love is to be so incredibly emotional and to show empathy, but to murder is to have no emotions and show no empathy. Love will most likely blossom in teenage years, and hate, the fuel for murder, will most likely blossom in adult years. But if you're not going to be convinced this is deep in any way, shape or form, you'll still highly appreciate this movie if you're a slasher buff, or just an 80s baby in general.