Carl Barron: LIVE

Carl Barron: LIVE


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Drew W (es) wrote: I give this a 97/A+.

Alexander Z (fr) wrote: "Let's turn every character into an asshole! That'll bring the franchise back to its roots! Oh yeah, let's make it unclear whether all the demonic stuff from the first two was a red herring or not!"

Brandon M (au) wrote: A favorite of mine. This is another movie that if you take it for what it is (a movie so bad that whoever made the decision to film it should be fired) its a great movie. Hilariously bad one liners, memorable scenes, classic idiot Rob Schnieder. Leslie Nielson as Colonel Chi?! LOL just thinking about it...

Paul C (fr) wrote: I was with the main character at first, then he goes and gets some authority and utterly abuses all power.

Nick K (it) wrote: Overall alright. However, why on earth would Ruth help Marty in the end after all the negative things he did to her?

erika p (fr) wrote: I didn't like the fact that they used non Jews and Egyptians for the this movie cause it could have been so much more. The movie was good over all.

Yuri B (gb) wrote: Another Ivan Reitman classic... great cast, Murray & all... RIP to Harold Ramis... comedic legend.

Ken S (ru) wrote: David Cronenberg's "Videodrome" is great! It mixes body horror with crazy tech stuff and surrealism, and the mixture is really entertaining and weird. Cronenberg nows how to use special effects that are creepy and strange, and he isn't afraid to just had flat out weird ideas. Highly recommend this crazy movie from the 80s, it is both weird and horrifying and fun.

Abbie M (jp) wrote: This movie is AMAZING!