Carl Gustav, gjengen og parkeringsbandittene

Carl Gustav, gjengen og parkeringsbandittene

Carl Gustav is 12 years old and particularly interested in comics and detective work. Gjengen is his friends, two boys and two girls of the same age and 'Rævedilter'n' Georg who is seven.

Carl Gustav is 12 years old, and his interests are Superman, detective stories and hanging out on his bike. One morning he and his friends discovers that overnight the kids playground has ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark A (mx) wrote: Really well done look at the culture of adults who love the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic cartoon.

Alex N (mx) wrote: This movie flows about as well as a saw blade against wood.

Cita W (it) wrote: Pretty sweet. I love graffiti and thank Lord Raptor Jesus, I love in a city that support graffiti.

Julian S (it) wrote: a dumbed down version of Love Actually. It had its moments, but there was a distinct lack of impact or underlying message of any kind (that i could see.) Dont bother with this one. Watch Love Actually instead.

Aidan B (ag) wrote: Victoire Thivisol's an amazing natural actress, she's actually acting, unlike other child "stars," and she's four. Apparently she even asked the director to yell at her so that she would cry in some scenes, but not to scare her too much. Also, can a name be any cooler than Victoire Thivisol? But, besides her, the story is also good and deep. It actually focuses on her mother's death, instead of skimming over it, and ties in God, amongst other points.

John W (es) wrote: This is a fun spy spoof the family can enjoy. As long as your family is ok with mild mock violence and even milder language. The whole time I watched this I got the feeling it was a sequel or an adaptation to a bigger book. But this is a good thing, I want more from these characters. This is kinda Mr. And Mrs. Smith and a babysitting comedy in one. See it you'll enjoy the time.

Mark R (ag) wrote: I know I don't get the story, don't even know if there is one, but the representation of what it was like (as far as movies portray truth) to be in the Soviet army is intriguing. It makes me wonder about modern army training programs and what they require of the recruits - how they are treated, whether or not they are allowed to retain any of their own humanity, how their military experience transforms them, does it rob them of or endow them with a better life? Lots of questions.

JohnnyLee T (kr) wrote: The title is obviously ironical as the mostly unhappy Gibbons family outlast their welcome.Despite its dramatic sweep, film is best appreciated as a comedy. But critics have to take it more seriously!Reflects the conventional attitudes of the English lower middle class. At the General Strike Reg, the Left-leaning son, is soon straightened out by his insufferable father while his Socialist friend also sees the error of his ways and settles down to a humdrum middle-class existence that is seen as the ultimate goal.Almost a soap opera. Pity it skirts over the real inter-war issues. It doesn't challenge the conventions. It could have shown the effects of the War on this generation but obviously just wants to paint a superficial picture. A cuppa solves everything. This sort of thing would eventually be the fodder of TV.Coronation Street for the pre-TV generation (though not as good).John Mills, Celia Johnson and the ever-reliable Stanley Holloway stand out.Writing in his diary just before he died, Richard Burton characterised Noel Coward (on whose 1939 play the film is based) as a lovely man who sadly had a "slight mind". That helps me understand the lost opportunity here to put the inter-war years in some sort of real perspective. But it also makes me wonder how the same team a couple of years later produced the masterpiece that is Brief Encounter.

michelle (br) wrote: "you mother humper!" great cast!

Carson B (ag) wrote: The Chamber of Secrets is way too long, and after a while you just want it to end. Nevertheless, it starts out as a better better movie than the Sorcerers Stone, as the book, and is still exciting and fun; if not the most childish of the series.

Charlie D (ag) wrote: This is one of those movies that has a ginormous potential to be so much better but leaves it to petty characters and storyline. It goes way to far with the "suspension of disbelief" terminology. Somehow people who are trained to use a gun can't shoot someone who is 5 feet in front of them. I can't get over how terrible the story really is and the rest of it. What I am saying about it is virtually an overstatement.

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