Carlito's Way: Rise to Power

Carlito's Way: Rise to Power

Jay Hernandez (Friday Night Lights), Mario Van Peebles (Ali), Luis Guzmán (Carlito's Way) and Sean Combs (Monster's Ball) star in the gripping tale of the early years of gangster legend Carlito Brigante. Seduced by the power of the brutal New York underworld, he enters a deadly circle of greed and retribution. Assisted by his two brothers-in-crime, Carlito is on the fast track to becoming Spanish Harlem's ultimate kingpin. He quickly learns, however, that the only way to survive at the top is through loyalty to his friends and respect for the rules of the street. (FILMAFFINITY)

In the late 1960s, Carlito Brigante (Hernandez) emerges as the heroin czar of Harlem. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Clinton P (kr) wrote: Creepy, and not in a good movie way.

Debbie E (nl) wrote: fantastic gripping movie, well worth watching xx

Carlos M (au) wrote: An absorbing and well-paced psychological thriller that never loses its grip, with an intriguing mystery that keeps us at the edge of our seats trying to figure out what is really going on - and Noomi Rapace is fantastic as the center of this sad, devastating story.

Becky B (ag) wrote: FUCKING LOVED THIS MOVIE! Fairuza Balk as Bogart was great lol! My nickname should be Bogart :P

PrincesseTiah K (ru) wrote: "Tere Naam" (Hindi : ??, l'anglais : Envotre nom) est un film indien de 2003.Les vedettes du film sontSalman Khan et Bhoomika Chawla dans les rles principaux.C'est un...remake d'un film Tamoul "Sethu" de 1999.Radhe Mohan (SalmanKhan), le cad de l'universit tombe amoureux d'une tudiantede premire anne Nirjara (Bhoomika), une fille traditionnelle deBrahmin.Au moment mme o Nirjara lui dclare son amour (il l'aquand mme kidnapp et limite frapp pour lui dire qu'il l'aimait...etelle refusait de (se) l'admettre cause de sa violence justement...Ouidu grand n'importe quoi!). Radhe est attaqu par une troupe degangsters, perd la mmoire et est admis dans un asile o, onl'espre, les moyens plus traditionnels du traitement pourraitexercer un effet thrapeutique sur lui...Et je ne vous dit pas la suitesinon vous connatrez la fin...

Jeff G (ru) wrote: Judging by it??s ending this film should have been Titled "Just Desserts" This foreign film is the equivalent of watching one of those big studio comedies of the 80??s. that is based either on s ??Saturday Night Live?? skit or based around a popular comedian. This film doesn??t seem to have too many ideas it??s cot and dry simple. It??s a broad comedy with two people constantly running around the film in fat suits and getting into various shenanigans. The problem is there are no real jokes and in most scenes they just constantly overeat to ridiculous levels. It??s almost like the film is prejudice against the fat. ??The Birth Of the Nation?? For the obese. Just with a romantic comedy storyline thrown in. That reminds on of the Charlie Chaplin film ??City Lights?? The film is about a woman in love with a music star who is not recognized by him at a concert meeting. She was once the love of his life when she was skinnier. Now she is depressed she messes up a suicide attempt and meets a overweight neighbor who sells steak knives. They become friends she ends up working for him and is more successful. She decides to lose the weight so she can make her and the musician??s 10 year reunion. her friend is there to help her lose the weight. The film is an attempt to tell a different style of story but comes off more as a insult. I thought the film was going to be about telling the story of people with a weight problem and there lives and them falling in love. It??s almost like an addiction story only food is the drug and it??s legal and it??s just as addictive and harder to kick as you have to eat to live. Even though this film is short it feels very long which is never a good sign. In fact the only reason the movie doesn??t completely fail is that I??m a sucker for a good love story that is believable and involves sacrifice. I think those stories usually include characters who show character.

DC F (nl) wrote: Another good one from the Muppets, though I was a little disappointed that only a select few Muppets got any role time in this one.

Alan L (fr) wrote: Good to see this old cheesy VHS favourite again. Thankfully the prediction of requiring killer android teachers to control violent gangbanger pupils hadn't come true by 1999. Who knows though, with current education minister Michael Gove in charge, a remake might be due for 2025?

Lau H (jp) wrote: This is a movie for all wrestler and all wrestling fan. A extraordinary movie in an ordinary plot. Micky Rourke makes the character alive and make this movie a great piece of art.

Carlos M (us) wrote: George Lucas' company ILM proves to be a match for Pixar with their first animation, a dazzling fun ride that is also an entertaining homage to Westerns and the Italian spaghetti subgenre, deliciously subverting the figure of the anti-hero in a story with many welcome references.

Nick C (ca) wrote: Enthralling film, a bit predictable however presents true life realities and issues in a motion picture where the audience can sympathise with the characters on a journey.

Thomas D (gb) wrote: Terrence Malick's are often something completely different from anything you'll experience at a movie theater, so I'm always interested in seeing the next thing he has up his sleeve. Knight of Cups continues his streak of highly experimental and undoubtedly polarizing filmmaking. I can't say it's the easiest to review, considering there really is no overarching story, so I'll instead opt to simply react to my time watching this ensemble piece. The main thing I took from the experience was that Malick wished to make something about the hypocritical underbelly of the Hollywood landscape. Christian Bale, who plays the main character (of sorts), is a Hollywood screen writer but we never truly get any sense that he works within the film business. Instead, it's his exploration or pilgrimage through the majestic world and sexual desires that come along with it. But really, that's about it. It's gorgeously shot by Emmanuel Lubezki, obviously, and Malick weaves through characters in an interestingly brisk fashion. I don't necessarily mean this in a critical way, but it may be a better watch without the unnecessary and strange narration or score. Instead, enjoy Lubezki's beautiful cinematography and several big name actor cameos as a background to whatever else you're doing. The story (or lack thereof) just didn't resonate with me. I much prefer Malick's earlier features with more polished performances and traditional script. But perhaps, that's just me. 40/100