Carnal Innocence

Carnal Innocence

A famous violinist Caroline Waverly (Anwar) returns to her home town. A killer is on the streets, and Caroline may be a target for murder.

World famous violinist Caroline Waverly returns to her home town of Innocence to retreat from the world. But a serial slayer is stalking the streets of Innocence, and Caroline may be a prime target for murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill T (jp) wrote: I liked it a lot! I guess I won't be a 'movie' critic anytime soon! Simple but GOOD MOVIE!

Jeffrey W (ag) wrote: The movie has historical inaccuracies, budget constraints that are obvious, and uneven acting. However, it is a grim reminder of the horror of Nazi Germany and it's consequences on the lives of millions of people. Amazing in modern times that such events took place. We must not forget.

Joey F (fr) wrote: This movie is so wonderfully strange and funny. Might be my favorite Aardman.

Nancy C (mx) wrote: 3/5 ---A cutesy movie about the choice of love in our life, and what we choose to sacrifice our future selves or not for he present.Amy Adams and Frances McDormand are wonderful in it :) a change of pace from my usual dark moods.

Mas P (kr) wrote: the most confused story I ever watched. Absolutely incomprehensible

Dharmender T (es) wrote: Distrubing .. but defi a must see ...

Paulo V (ag) wrote: For sure Dogville is superior, but this movie is also extremely strong and compelling. Interesting to see how Americans, including movie critics, overreact to criticism, particularly in sensitive issues that are emphasized in the American society like racism. They can only accept criticism in "Hollywood like" movies, with happy-ending scripts. If the critics could let this aside, the ratings of this movie would go beyond 80% easily...

Maje P (ag) wrote: Lo que en principio prometa (directores de todo el mundo rodando cortos sobre su experiencia el 11 de septiembre de 2001) se convierte en una pelcula irregular, muy irregular. De todos los cortos, se salvan 4 y hay algunos que deberan estar prohibidos (por ser basura). Sean Penn nos regala imgenes muy poticas pero sigue sin resultarme creble. Para m el mejor corto de todos es el de Irruti.

Kerby H (nl) wrote: In an excellent character study, Angelina Jolie is near perfect. She is also incredibly hot.

Adam D (kr) wrote: Always wanted to see this, I am a John Candy fan (somewhat)

Private U (au) wrote: Not sure why this was rated NC-17, if it even was. However, this is a great drama. De Niro is kind of familiar with this role, and he does a good portrayal job as usual. The last moments of this film are the best.

Sean D (us) wrote: The people hate SyFy films but the coveted 5 star rating finally goes to a SyFy original movie. This movie can probably be compared a lot to Battleship and I'm sure without a shadow of a doubt that this pales in comparison. But you know what, they finally nailed it with this one. There was no cheesy acting, shitty CGI, abuse of 60fps slow motion, stupid personal issues plot (slightly mentioned but actually necessary for character development). Good job SyFy network! 80 films later you finally got it right. I expect you to completely fuck it up in the next film! But for now take the glory and bathe in it, because it will probably never happen again. You finally earned it, you finally deserve it!

MadX M (gb) wrote: I saw this movie as a child on TV in the early 1970's and NEVER forgot as it scared me for many years. I even remember eating Morel Mushrooms that my friend Jay Bailey and I, had picked the previous couple days after school and his mother breaded & fried them. It was so traumatic I remember watching and eating, with elbows on a pillow and sleeping bag while I was eating those mushrooms. That time is etched into my memory. Especially when they are dragging her down and she uses a flashbulb on camera that she pulls off an end table or some such to try and get away and the husband trying to get it the house but cannot until it's too late. I would like to see it again to see if what is in my memory is accurate.

Maxwell S (au) wrote: It was okay. It was funny and the two characters were great. But the story wasn't all that good and there were many cheesy moments. It's worth a watch but nothing worth buying to watch over again.