A butcher in Paris takes revenge after suspected his daughter has been attacked.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:40 minutes
  • Release:1991
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
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After he thinks that his mute daughter is attacked, a butcher stabs and beats a man, which changes his whole life in a very short time. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Carne torrent reviews

Gary M (au) wrote: I found it abit slow. Not much action. A slow drama. It was okay.

Madhur S (gb) wrote: Wonderful movie... Brilliant screenplay and great acting by Aish and Ajay .... Must watch for everyone...

Lee M (us) wrote: Hyperkinetic, perceptive though derivative examination of contemporary youth violence and American gun culture.

dfw f (es) wrote: During the Cultural Revolution in China in the mid-1960s, a French diplomat falls in love with a singer in the Beijing Opera. Interwoven with allusions to the Puccini opera "Madama Butterfly", a story of love and betrayal unfolds6.7 rating on IMDB 3700 people rating. I have been watching the movies of David Cronenberg--considered a cold emotionless director ( Some what true but I basically disagree) He has made some of the most emotionally devastating films I??ve ever seen, from the romantic tragedy of The Fly to the human wreckage of Crash & Spider & the heartbreaking Dead Ringers. He has an ability to touch the emotions & still be intellectual which makes him stand out among contemporary directors. Similar to David Lynch he is particularly good on the subject of one person??s desperate need for something or someone & their yearning for requited love, meaning, redemption or some other kind of closure. Covering almost twenty years in the life of a tawdry French diplomat (Jeremy Irons), the story of M. Butterfly seems to depict the lengths to which people will maintain their delusions to stay happy. After seeing a lead performer (John Lone) in Puccini??s Madame Butterfly, the diplomat falls in love with the star singer. Though the object of his love is cross-dressing actor, the diplomat seems oblivious to the truth and begins an affair of some chasteness for years in China. When the Communist Cultural Revolution separates the would-be lovers, the actress Song is sent off to prison and the diplomat is recalled to France. When they re-connect years later at Song??s urging, the Irons character may be the victim of a spy plot to gain sensitive information for the Communist government and Song may be the key manipulator. The issue for the lovers is how much each knows about the other??and how much each keeps secret from the other (if anything). Film is Cronenberg??s least-known & most underrated work, far superior to his great cult hit- Scanners. However the film is not as successful as the Broadway play--the film is never truly convincing. The film moves away from the play's stylistic elements, then works better as a fascinatingly cold-blooded assessment of love. Intense as Gallimard's longing is, it emerges more & more clearly as a product of his imagination as the story moves on. Inspired by the true story of a French diplomat in China during the 1960s who conducted an 18-year affair with a native man he always thought was a woman & who was later convicted of espionage, Film worked onstage because the plot device worked due to the distance created by the theatrical setting so the audience could accept the rather far-fetched premise. Cinematography is breath taking in China & other parts of Asia. The film is idiosyncratic as Mr. Cronenberg's work always is. However I do not PAN this film like all the other reviewers in fact though the film is slow I enjoyed this film. (You can also enjoy if you suspend your beliefs for 2 hours)

Elliot Z (ru) wrote: One of the greatest antiwar films ever made.

Barney o (nl) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: One of the best in the series, 'License to kill' sees Dalton settle into the role to bring an excellent performance with the right levels of grit and charm. Match that with one of the best protagonists, a gritty revenge plot and some of the greatest relationship dynamics we've ever seen, and you're onto a real winner. WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: Perhaps the last act is a touch silly...VERDICT: It's a shame that Dalton couldn't stay because this is Connery level stuff. What an enjoyable film.

Stuart K (ag) wrote: Clint Eastwood followed up the fourth Dirty Harry film, Sudden Impact (1983), with another cop film, but to distance it's self from Dirty Harry, this has a unique setting, it's very seedy and dark, but it's a good Clint film, and he gets to be a hardass, sorting out bad guys and stuff. Set in New Orleans, this has divorced police detective Wes Block (Clint), investing the deaths of several women around the city, all killed by a serial rapist. One is strangled in her bed, and then a prostitute is murdered. However, Block is no saint, and he normally goes around the seedier regions of New Orleans, Block eventually finds himself working with psychiatrist Beryl Thibodeaux (Genevive Bujold), who runs a rape prevention program, and the two start a relationship together, but the serial killer strikes again, and the killer gets a prostitute that Block had a tryst with. Then the killer starts stalking Block, taunting him with clues and Block moves from one seedy club to another looking for where the killer is going, and then the killer threatens Block's two daughters, and that's too far. It's very violent, and it is closer in tone to Cruising (1980), but Clint has a good, likeable presence, although he's on autopilot in the action scenes. He didn't do many cop films after this one, even though it did well.