Sawdust in the Blood used to be a Carny compliment...not a description of a crime scene. There are a thousand sideshows playing thousands of small towns in 1936 when the Knuckles Brothers Show rolls into yet another town, ready to delight and dazzle the town folk with amazing acts and puzzling oddities. As they set up their tents they could not know that within days several of them would be dead, ripped savagely apart by a seemingly inhuman force, their souls stolen from their limp and bloody bodies. Step up, step up, ladies and gentlemen, the show is about to begin...

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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:2010
  • Language:English
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Sawdust in the Blood used to be a Carny compliment...not a description of a crime scene. There are a thousand sideshows playing thousands of small towns in 1936 when the Knuckles Brothers ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew D (it) wrote: Not as good as the first part; yhe cold war stuff dates it, when Part 1 had a great timeless feel to it and sometimes one feels it has too many fantastical elements, compared to Part 1's more grounded story, that seem more obtrusive in motion onscreen than in the panels on a page. This is the first of the straight up adaptations of a DC comic where I felt they should've changed more from the source material.And yet the final showdown with the Joker is noticeable altered; it's not better or worse, just different, and it's an impressive achievement that it doesn't break the story and it's so haunting. Maybe that's because of the confrontation that is taking place, and that's what Part 2 of this legendary story offers; some of fictions greatest characters interacting in ways that are epic, with great action and emotional weight.The episodic nature, and the quality of both films, can't help but make one wish there was a Part 3, alas it will never come.

John L (mx) wrote: What a terrible movie. Stupid. Pointless. Bad LSD trip terrible.

Michael K (de) wrote: I honestly cannot say enough good things about this film. It questions the relevancy of copyright and intellectual property in today's media landscape, and makes a lot of very strong arguements along the way. Definitely a must-see film!

Michael M (ag) wrote: This movie is mostly garbage. Something about cold fusion and Russians and Val Kilmer not really connecting as a dashing spy. Bad soundtrack too.

Briain d (au) wrote: Is this for real? No thanks.

Emma R (fr) wrote: why make another one with all different actors its not the same and this one had some very terrible actors in it

Asif K (jp) wrote: one of the best pair, and a lovely all time favorite romantic movie. music rocks. lovable movie. good.

Bill T (ag) wrote: Plenty ridiculous and fun (and somewhat prophetic, but not much) Class of 1984 is Death Wish mixed up with The Blackboard Jungle. Perry King plays a bullied music teacher who's almost Had It Up To Here with the menacing gang terrorizing the school (one of the students is a fat Michael J Fox!). The gang, lead by the very-80's Timothy Van Patten, look laughably cliche'd now, apparently Punk was the root of all evil in the early 80's. Anyways, Van Patten, trying to conjure up Malcom McDowell in If... perhaps, is somewhat iffy here, not really believable as a terror thug. Perry King IS fun though, he always is, and his revenge scene in the end is worth watching for.

Tom H (de) wrote: a fairly successful attempt by director Brian De Palma to make a gangster comedy. simple plot and crazy acts are often a winning combination. especially with characters like Danny Devito and Joe Piscopo helming the project.

Scott W (fr) wrote: Dull, but worthy pre-War propaganda about US Navy flight surgeons looking for ways to prevent pilots blacking out. Very much of its time, this has dated badly and the constant cutting between stock footage and the film and the superimposition of characters in front of the same looks poor. Flynn is serious and lacks much of his usual dynamism and charm while Bellamy and McMurray provide additional stolidity.

Don S (it) wrote: Difficult at times to watch, this well acted drama doesn't do enough to tell us who the Maori people are and possibly why they are in the dire straits they live in - similar to Native Americans in this county. The domestic violence and rampant alcohol abuse is so pervasive that the characters don't flinch or think twice about it. This type of movie, like Leaving Las Vegas, just can't be enjoyed.

Haytham K (kr) wrote: A lighthearted, fast-paced suspense movie that combines humor, suspense, and most of all the scenic beauty of Istanbul! It should noted that the creator of the TV series "Mission: Impossible" was inspired by Topkapi.