After being driven to extinction, great bloodthirsty dinosaurs come back to life with the assistance of a demented genetic scientist. She plans to replace the human race with a super-race of dinosaurs who will not pollute the planet.

A genetically manipulated and very hungry dinosaur escapes from a bioengineering company and reeks havoc on the local desert town. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Carnosaur torrent reviews

Galle C (it) wrote: Karin Viard est vraiment une actrice incroyable...le film ne tiendrait pas la route sans elle.L'histoire est assez simpliste mais vraiment bien crite (sauf la fin videmment). Nicolas Duvauchelle en amoureux transi est plutt pas mal.Petit film, sans ambitions, et assez russi au final!

Scott F (jp) wrote: As if a documentary has been made by a poet, the brilliant Ivan Sen finds the sublime in the bleakest of circumstances. Toomelah is an open wound, the palpable cultural loss compounded by the elusive snatches of transcendent beauty in the landscape and in the faces which reflect back the profound loss.

Countess N (nl) wrote: Average horror movie.

Kaung S (jp) wrote: Being full of surprising voice cast, Rio is a lil bit tasty animation that doesn't offer anything, not even a little piece of wonder. Nonetheless, it, sometimes, works in some way.

Rob R (jp) wrote: Fun movie, if you liked Shaun of the dead then you'll like last of the living. Farting and parachuting zombies dare you ask for more?

Noname (it) wrote: Not quite Van Damme's usually roles in this drama crime movie. He actually play the role as himself "JCVD" which seemed a bit odd at first but it turn out to be a rather nice movie. So if you want to see Van Damme in a more serious role and movie with better acting you might want to see this one.

Scott C (ca) wrote: Original and sometimes funny genre bender. It's just a little too bland to be great.

Herve U (nl) wrote: A very strong HBO Films movie. Interesting to follow how a fissile material theft might end in the hands of stupid mobsters...

Paula L (jp) wrote: I'm not an Almodover fan but this was one of his best movies for me.

Hunter W (br) wrote: The Battle for Helms Deep remains one of the great fantasy battles ever seen on screen.

Carlos M (ca) wrote: Clasico Alan Rudolph y Julie Christie fabulosa (y hermosa).

Adam R (gb) wrote: Drawing Flies might be worth seeing once, mostly for curiosity as it is truly bizarre, but I doubt that even the biggest View Askew fanatic can vouch for this movie. It stinks! (First viewing - Late teen years)

James P (fr) wrote: It's good, but not even a terrific performance from Brad Pitt could stop it being completely overshadowed by Oliver Stone's Natural Born Killers.

Allan F (jp) wrote: The best of the Ernest films. Jim Varney is great!

Dillinger P (fr) wrote: Long before Tom Hardy and Armie Hammer were gracing the silver screen with their duel performances as conflicting brothers, Jeremy Irons was setting the bench mark for 2 characters played by one actor, it seems almost common place now, but during the 80's this was a close to untapped market and if it was touched upon, it wasn't executed with quite the same finesse. Dead Ringers see's David Cronenberg haunting our dreams once again with a story of brotherly love. Beverley and Elliot Mantle dont just happen to be identical twins, they also happen to share the exact same profession as Gynecologists. When a famous actor with a bizarre condition in her uterus comes to consult with Beverly, the brothers soon find themselves intertwined in a love triangle of exceedingly bizarre proportions. The fantasy cannot last forever and soon more than just their careers are at stake. Jeremy Irons completely lights up the screen as both brothers, providing a dizzying, yet distinct performance as both. Each brother has their own qualities and indeed outlook on life, however its his ability to touch on the similarities and the differences, that makes this such a convincing and intriguing performance to watch. This isnt just a vehicle for Mr Irons however, as with any Cronenberg movie, theme and indeed horror are always stuffed tightly within his tales, and although he does maneuver away from a blatant effect based horror, much like say Rabid or indeed Video Drome, he utilizes the horror from his leading star and their ability to use their bodies themselves as weapons. Dead Ringers can at times be a comedy and its full of awkward, fun and indeed heart warming moments that will have any viewers eyeballs lighting up, however when Cronenberg takes it to the next level, its haunting and indeed pitch black outlook can at times be quite hard to take. Dead Ringers is petrifying on a psychological level, it taps into some primal fears, it isnt afraid to go where it needs to and its bold outlook should be praised. Dead Ringers does have very little wrong with it, yes the visual execution, although in no way bad, has since been done a lot more inventively. Also the films transitions through time can sometimes indeed be jarring, but these are all minor gripes, that in the big picture can be easily overlooked for just how riveting this film is. Dead Ringers will be a popular cult favorite and rightly so, however fans of cinema should really enjoy this brilliantly under rated masterpiece.

Dan H (ca) wrote: I liked it, pretty good.

Matt S (us) wrote: 2nd Best Motorcycle Movie ever.