Carry on, Constable

Carry on, Constable

With a flu epidemic running rife, three new bumbling recruits are assigned to Inspector Mills police station. With help from Special Constable Gorse, they manage to totally wreck the ...

With a flu epidemic running rife, three new bumbling recruits are assigned to Inspector Mills police station. With help from Special Constable Gorse, they manage to totally wreck the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Carry on, Constable torrent reviews

Asif K (fr) wrote: never heard ... nor interested !!!!!

Ryan M (fr) wrote: A turning point in the fight for women's equality in the workplace.

Jamie B (br) wrote: I thought is was pretty good. Watched on cable, definitely no blockbuster but good entertainment.

Jon C (ca) wrote: unless you're really into the whole dating thing and the 'twin soulmates' dynamic you might as well skip this onebut the thing that makes this movie still good is the two main leads each leading their own lives when it comes to loveno room for attachment, commitment, and so onin terms of African American cinema this movie does attempt to explain itself in many varietiesthe discussions range from love to manhood to sexand the comedy in the writing is full of spontaneity

Sylvester K (jp) wrote: For crying out loud, not another one....

Nonya B (de) wrote: OMG!! Definitly not what I expected! Great Movie!! Prepare to have your Kleenex right next to you because it is one hell of a tear-jerker! A solid love story complete with good guys, bad guys, heartwarming moments and a great ending. Everything was good and all the other actors except for Rosie Perez, just never liked her but anyway the chemistry was really good between Slater and Tomei.

Daniel G (gb) wrote: being a huge fan of dr. west made this return to character easy for me to like, but it suffers from a degrade of every element of style and wit the first had, excluding of course jeffrey combs.

Cricket D (ca) wrote: Another classic dance film

Christopher S (us) wrote: Awesome pre-beard Chuck flick. It's good to see Bob Minor in a role that doesn't require him to smell the bad guy coming. He saw them coming...kinda. Then he got his back broken by Chinese Danny Trejo. Bob Minor's death scene was powerful. How come he didn't get an award for that? What a tank of a man. Does he have a permit for those guns? Chuck Norris kicks a bunch of asses, wears tight jeans, a molestache, cowboy boots, & a cowboy hat. I don't know how he can roundhouse kick like he does in those tight jeans either. I like the part after Chuck suited up in his army uniform Commando style & did a missile dropkick off of a roof into some creeps. Another great part was where he threatened to set this guy's gay lover on fire. Chuck's narration was really deep too. It had me thinking a lot. I wish he would've killed Chinese Danny Trejo by drowning him in the toilet. Instead, Chinese Danny Trejo rips the toilet out of the ground & throws it. Shattered toilet. The most fucked up thing in this movie is when Chuck turned off Simon Koo's Tom & Jerry cartoons. Totally fucked up. The end credits are hilarious. It recaps some of the asswhoopins' that Chuck gave in the movie & usually freeze frames on his angry face. Like he'll roundhouse kick someone. *stop* *angry face*Chuck's lady friend is smokin' hot too.Gold, man. Gold.Thrilla.

Joaqun S (gb) wrote: Volvernos a encontrarnos... Fellini y yo no tenemos buena historia juntos, de hecho no es nada buena. Sin embargo con Amarcord eso volvi y aunque no es la gran maravilla debo admitir que tiene buenos momentos.

Joshua B (au) wrote: Slow build until 30 min mark,I couldn't watch the whole thing because it moved too slowly.Skip it

James S (ag) wrote: Don't remember enough details about this movie to accurately comment. Mostly enjoyed the movie for the Bradley Cooper/ Scarlet Johansson pool scene.

Trenton R (kr) wrote: Dwayne Johnson is as charming as ever, but everything else can't help but have a "seen it" feel to it.

Neil G (br) wrote: Only downfall should have been done as the series ended too much time has passed forgot the story