Cars 2

Cars 2

Star race car Lightning McQueen and his pal Mater head overseas to compete in the World Grand Prix race. But the road to the championship becomes rocky as Mater gets caught up in an intriguing adventure of his own: international espionage.

Star racecar Lightning McQueen and and the incomparable tow truck Mater head to Japan and Europe to compete in the World Grand Prix, but the road to the championship becomes rocky since Mater becomes sidetracked with international espionage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cars 2 torrent reviews

Sarah S (br) wrote: Enjoyed the film although it dragged slightly. The ending was surprising making me want to know what happens afterwards for this cast.

JY S (nl) wrote: Seiji Chiba gets a little conservative with The Kunoichi: Ninja Girl and that's where this film suffers.The opening credits is a bit of a sleeper, and by the time they are over there is less than an hour left of film. Granted, the entire film is just over 60 minutes and the plot is barely enough to fill it. The first half an hour is a lot of dialogue used for setting up plot details and characters. A bit much, but things pick up in the second half.The martial arts is on the money thanks to some stylized choreography from Kensuke Sonomura. Despite filling a bulk of the final 30 minutes, the film leaves a huge want for more; a lot more.Rina Takeda definitely has the moves to pull off some great fights and watching her in action is a plus. Mitsuki Koga proves to be a formidable opponent for her. As for the rest of the cast, they end up falling into the background after the first half.The Kunoichi: Ninja Girl has the potential to be a lot more. As it is, it is a watchable action piece with an awesome female lead.

Ellen G (gb) wrote: Var fin. Gamle mannen som rydder opp i enda gamlere spkelser. Ispedd med litt jazzet musikk.

George K (ru) wrote: A far better (and gorier!) sequel, Hatchet 2 has everything gore fans could want.

chris b (it) wrote: As Richard R. said...... It is entertaining. Benjamin does a great job ( maybe because he is part South American : ) )....but the Mexican actor really does a bad job and accent wise it fails to transmit the magic of the novel...other than that the idea is great, the picture is OH my god amazing!!! ....I think this is how I picture Colombia...also it reminded of a Peruvian tv series...anyways i give this 3 time they have to be careful with accents : ) .

Gabriel B (jp) wrote: c'est poetique mais c'est tout de meme un peu long, le film ne dure que une heure trente mais il y avait pas de honte a faire un film de 1 h 10

Galvy F (ru) wrote: When we can stand some noises we like, dislike or the sound of things for the best or worse we tolerate it. When other things we stand for we don't when it's an awful behaviour. When we just can stand somethings and other things when we just can't help ourselves when we are forced into it by accident or force of nature we can't resist. When we just can't stand somethings not going our way and other things coming our way to just fall down. When it's only common courtesy to not make others stand for too long to make them sit. When we can't stand the weirdness in being in someone else's home or touching other people's private things to just quickly do what we need to do and get out. When we can't stand others looking at us or coming close to us that we naturally panic. When we can stand other things people like to be friendly and stay awhile to do so until the tensions build. When we only stand others close to us being close to us. 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Jon K (jp) wrote: One of the most devestating TRUE stories you'll ever see portrayed on the screen!! DO NOT watch this movie for entertainment... It will be an experience that will chew you up and spit you out. "Girl Power" is an understatement! [Note the 100% rating by all 25 critical reviews.]

Viktor B (nl) wrote: 10/10 briliant comedy. I remember each dialogs even after 25 years. Every 3-4th year I watch again and again.

Takushi Y (gb) wrote: TOHO CINEMAS Nagoya Baycity, 2014/7/12

Michael S (jp) wrote: The very frist "Death Wish" feels quite dated by today's standards. It still has some quality aspects to it: gritty 1970s NYC locations, Jeff Goldblum as a thug ("Freak #1" in the credits), and Vincent Gardenia and Jack Wallace as a couple of gruff NYPD detectives.

Felix B (de) wrote: A showcase of groundbreaking and unbeatable cinematography that is universally enjoyable for all film-lovers, regardless of your political views.

Joe A (us) wrote: Steve Mena showed a lot of potential with his first film Malevolence and with Bereavement, he shows he is living up to it big time. While a prequel to his first film, Bereavement is crafted so you don't need to have seen Malevolence but, if you have, there are a lot of little touches and nods you'll recognize. This is a pull no punches horror about a young boy (Spencer List) kidnaped by a serial killer and forced to witness the atrocities he commits on innocent women. Mena's involving such a young child in all the violence is daring and horrifying at the same time and we share in the horror as young Martin Bristol is made to participate in his disturbed mentors acts. It's more horrifying since he is basically a good kid forced into this and not some "bad seed" which we've seen before. The film also follows a parallel story involving a teenage girl, Allison (Alexandra Daddario) who recently lost her parents which is obviously destined to collide with the ordeal of young Martin and to say anymore would spoil an intense chiller with a truly shocking and blood soaked final act. The cast, including genre vet Michael Biehn, performs well and Mena keeps a feeling of dread throughout and doesn't bludgeon us with shocking moments, so when they do come, they have the intended effect. Also, his camera work evokes John Carpenter at times as Mena knows how to frame a shot and achieve more with it then just making it look good. The effects are live and well executed and the lack of CGI is freshing. A highly recommended horror film. Watch through the credits especially if you saw Malevolence.

Miranda J (fr) wrote: Just finished watching this movie on Netflix and I have to say this is probably the most offensive thing I've ever seen my life. I'm assuming they were attempting to make light of stereotypes but the attempt at humor was so heavy handed that it got downright awkward at times. When I wasn't cringing and feeling bad for the actors who got roped into making this POS, I was bored out of my skull. I'm not Jewish. I don't claim to speak on behalf of Jewish person. I say this on behalf of myself, a human being with eyes and a brain. This film was offensive and bad. The people who came up with this movie should be fired out of a cannon into the sun. The only reason I'm giving Jewtopia a star is because zero stars is not an option. Avoid like the plague. In fact, go to the Midwest, rub a rat on your face and get the plague. It would be far more enjoyable than watching this movie.

Maria F (ag) wrote: Where is the love? Haha

Cody M (it) wrote: It's really a fascinating mess, that has some entertaining parts.

Marc B (br) wrote: dans la mme lign que quilibrium... toute l histoire est expliqu dans les 5 premires minutes du film ensuite sa passe a jet li que bat du monde sur la toune Let the body hit the floor... WIN