Casa da Mãe Joana

Casa da Mãe Joana


Quatro amigos que só pensam em curtir a vida, com grandes farras, mulheres e bebidas, são surpreendidos com uma ação de despejo. Precisando de dinheiro, a turma é obrigada a pensar naquilo que mais abominam: trabalhar! A confusão está formada quando cada um busca um meio fácil de conseguir dinheiro, com o mínimo de esforço. Os dias se passam as confusões hilárias só aumentam! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marvin B (mx) wrote: A dumb comedy. The actors are good though.

Lanky Man P (nl) wrote: Effective thriller, but too many empty holes.

Simone D (ru) wrote: Curiuos and interesting documentary

Paul C (it) wrote: Ghosts, revenants and Katee Sackhoff...And it still manages to be really dull...

Kevin M W (fr) wrote: Cameron Crowe aims for the Disney audience with this obvious-as-a-grammar school play crowd pleasing story about a single dad trying to raise his coming of age difficult children. I've actually given the whole film away by now except for the cute animal instagrams spread throughout. It was interesting to see Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson cover more down to earth material than the fantasy that is so prevalent nowadays, and both actors seem to warm to the presentation as well. One aspect Crowe nails is how aggravating teens are to everyone, quite without the artifice of most productions.

Doc M (kr) wrote: If you lke a good anime with just the right amount of everything, this is the one to see

George I (es) wrote: it was a film of simplicity nothing ridiculously crazy, over the top, the humor was very light which almost at times makes the movie very enjoyable. It is a light touch on an unfortunate reality in America, now the characters are very likeable except for the boss, he was a douche, but i must say i wasnt sure what to expect from this but regardless its very enjoyable but my only problem with this film is the rather just, flat out ending. That annoyed me but yet overall its still a great film for those of fans of Adventureland & Good Dick

Ashleydeth G (kr) wrote: first kirstie alley movie that i like

Erin F (au) wrote: Morgan Freeman delivers.

Ryan H (jp) wrote: While inferior to the original Nightmare on Elm Street, Dream Warriors is a step up from the first sequel. Heather Langenkamp's return is a welcome return to form for the franchise, along with the scares, brutal kills, and mind f*cks that made the original a classic.

leah f (au) wrote: A very cute movie with Dick Van Dyke at his most charming. We love you Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

Jon S (de) wrote: The animation and character designs look very good, even-though the CGI looks a little dated, and the music is good. But, the characters are bland and the story is bland as well. They look like they're going to be cool updated versions of the characters of Treasure Island, but they just come off as the same characters with nothing new put into them, well for the most because on of the characters at least has something new in them in the end, but I won't give it away. The comic relief is more amusing than it is good. The biggest flaw is the world it takes place in. It's very confusing and it would've been nice if they explain the world to us in the story instead of the story being a simple straight forward Treasure Island retelling with nothing new to tell. The world is a futuristic world with a vistorean style with some technology from the future. You can kinda argue that someone must've started to build this technology through industrial steampunk powered by steam but started to get power by electricity as it progresses. But, then they have police officers who are robots who dress up in modern day police uniforms and it comes off as confusing and makes no sense. This world can either have a Victorian style setting, or a modern futuristic setting with no Victorian leftovers in them. While I'll admit there are some creative moments in this futuristic setting and how it flowed with the story, you can't have both. You can a Victorian old fashioned style, or you can have a modern day future setting. But, you can't have both. Overall, this movie's not good, not bad, but more of a mediocre retelling of Treasure Island with nothing interesting to hold me over. It's......meh.