Two childhood friends, Karim and Adil, prowl the streets of Casablanca, their native city. They do not do much, in fact they hustle rather than work. They are also unashamed dreamers, Karim...

Two childhood friends, Karim and Adil, prowl the streets of Casablanca, their native city. They do not do much, in fact they hustle rather than work. They are also unashamed dreamers, Karim... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Natalie F (au) wrote: Such a strange movie I'm confused why I watched it

Adam S (ca) wrote: Cheesy. Ridiculous. Unnecessary. Those are three adjectives that immediately spring to mind when I think of this adaptation of Moby Dick, but then again, those three words also apply to every film to ever come out of the Asylum. So I'm not overly surprised. The story is basically the familiar one. Captain Ahab manages to find the only whale in existence that can eat his leg, consequently lose his leg, and then drag a large force of unsuspecting whale bait on a journey to find and kill that darned whale. This time, however, the film is set in modern times, so Ahab has a Navy submarine, and the entire Navy ends up involved, as well as some young Marine Biologists who exist solely to identify whale song.The cast is basically B-movie ring-ins, led by, for some reason, Barry Bostwick of Rocky Horror Picture Show fame (wow, Susan Sarandon had a much better career trajectory from that film). They read their lines as a cast, and sometimes inject an emotion into the line - though not always the most appropriate one.The CGI is horrible, the whale looks like it escaped from the first render of the new Jurassic Park movie, and the film is just overall a ludicrous experiment in overindulgence.I'm feeling generous. I'll give it 1 star.

Joseph C (nl) wrote: Piece of CRAP! An insult to the men and women who died on September 11th.

Chris D (br) wrote: Hot Fuzz was a very ambitious film with exceptional editing. I was entertain throughout the whole film and as of now it is my favorite police movie I've seen. Such unique humor in this film, I liked how the humor was done a lot through the filmmaking unlike how most films comedy is only based on dialogue. Director, Edgar Wright wasn't lazy for any of this film; he didn't even use the over used Ariel shot to show a character getting to another place instead he did something very unique and funny by showing a bunch of little things such as the taxi, train, sitting, waiting ect... That may sound lame but if you've seen the film you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Aaron K (nl) wrote: Bowling for Columbine raises some very interesting questions with some very peculiar facts. The way questions are raised and not answered is fitting for this type documentary (an overview of guns and gun violence in the US), as the facts and stories do not lend themselves to any clear cut statistical answer. The only thing that takes away from Moore's entertaining documentary is the climax, which seems out of place in a doc as intelligent as this.

Dustin F (ag) wrote: Underrated, paranoid thriller! Tony Scott was always one of my favorites (True Romance, Man on Fire, Crimson Tide, etc) and this is one of his most fun films. It's a little dated now but strong performances by Will Smith and the great Gene Hackman make this a popcorn movie wortyh revisiting!

Zahid C (ag) wrote: Day: TuesdayDate: 29 Apr 2013Time: 9.00 pmWith: No oneOn: Laptop

Ryan T (ag) wrote: A childhood favorite that can still capture my attention and has a great leading cast.

Cora M (jp) wrote: I love Lindsay Lohan but this movie is really stupid.

Ernest C (ag) wrote: This is a refreshing addition to the Santa mythos containing both solid entertainment and genuine heart.

Francisco S (fr) wrote: Unoriginal with a lot of cliches since the beginning until the end, every thrilling scene is predictable what makes it not scary and the soundtrack is not good enough to help make this movie more scary,