A group of fugitives end up killing an international businessman Casanovva's girlfriend, after entrapping the couple in a reality show. Furious, Casanovva sets out to avenge her death.

An International businessman and playboy tries to avenge the death of his girlfriend, who was murdered by a gang of robbers, by entrapping them through a reality TV show. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Casanovva torrent reviews

Kandis A (ca) wrote: Great story....loved how everything played out!!!

Nicholas L (de) wrote: The movie is great in the sense that it is an inspiring true story, but it doesn't work as cinematic drama in most respects.

Leena L (es) wrote: Wanted to watch this to know more about her than that she was a communist who was thrown into a canal in Berlin after having been shot in 1919 or so. Stylish film with a LOT of political heated speeches. did not move me much, but she did fight hard in the men's world at the time.

Randy P (mx) wrote: If you love senseless, over the top gore, you found your home.

Marcus W (au) wrote: Fassbinder is clearly much more comfortable here as he deals with xenophobia and repression.

Nate T (ru) wrote: Slow going but a classic none-the-less.

Les B (it) wrote: Hard-hitting, difficult to watch at times and brutally honest. Loved it. Acting was terrific. What can be better than an incredible true story well told.

Sanity Assassin (de) wrote: as i'm not too familiar with the actors of this period except for slightly with david niven i feel i can't comment on them too much. i noticed the chap who plays the undertaker in dads army was in it. the film itself was a bit of a character study of each of the D.O.G.S. and about the build up to them seeing some action. well thought out and well executed. also much better than one of the later carol reed films "our man in havana" which i've seen