'Cash' is a high octane heist thriller set in Cape Town, South Africa.The film revolves around an ace con artist,(Ajay Devgan) who hires a set of top notch robbers (Esha Deol, Zayed Khan, Dia Mirza and Riteish Deshmukh) to steal a set of priceless diamonds in South Africa. The group also faces a threat from underworld don (Suniel Shetty), who is after the same diamonds and also the Head of Security (Shamita Shetty). How these three groups manage to thwart each other forms the rest of the story and makes it a nonstop adventure caper.

Three unique diamonds. Two teams of thieves. One big heist that spins out into a battle for the ultimate eternal prize: Cash. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Cash torrent reviews

Sam M (de) wrote: Not bad but not real good either...but hey I like westerns anyway

Shane K (kr) wrote: Took them 55 mins into the movie to "skim" over steroids...then never speak of it again in the movie...too bad, would have made the movie better to more truthful

Luciano G (jp) wrote: Rushlights is a solid suspense drama with a lot of twists and turns... Haley Webb does a great job as Sarah, Quinn and Bridges are terrific..if you get a chance to catch this film I recommend you watch it...

Lindy L (kr) wrote: Please note: this is getting 4.5 stars on a campiness-scale. The movie is TERRIBLE but also TERRIBLY FUNNY and well worth watching with a bunch of drunk friends.

Harsh C (nl) wrote: It's difficult to compress decades into 2 hours but the movie would have been far more watchable if they had kept it to 1.5 hours.

scott g (jp) wrote: wnted to like this backwards talesimiler to things like memento and irreversible, as story goes backwards in narration, but after seeing his outcome and this story going back years at a time, i just lost interest, and nothing really exiting going on, or indeed visually

Zach M (de) wrote: This was the last Trancers movie I decided to watch. I know there is a 6th film but without Tim Thomerson it just isn't the same and this was the worst movie of the series.

Film F (es) wrote: Cute family fun...Not Cher's Best

Del T (fr) wrote: Arthur Hiller, in tackling the public school system, was trying to make a biting film satire ala Network, and The Hospital. He ends up with so so success. Nolte plays burnt out teacher at inner city school who's convinced he can no longer make a difference. Nick's fellow teachers ( Judd Hirsch, Lee Grant ) are too embroiled in office politics and strategizing an impending strike, to even remotely care about educating our youth. Nolte finds a renewed calling though two students who show potential. One, a surprise, is the main bully of the school, played by Daniel-San himself, Ralph Macchio, who only month's before in the Karate Kid, played a weakling dweeb getting his ass handed to him by the Kobra Kai. In this movie, Macchio, is supposedly the epitome of youth rebellion, talking smack to his superiors, prompting terror in his fellow cowering classmates, pulling fire alarms, all the while dressed in a fedora and trench coat Nolte's renewed idealism, gets tested as he votes not to go on strike, and his fellow faculty play hardball by blackmailing him with rumors of teacher / student illicit relations. Does Nolte stand by his ideals, or tow the company line.? Hiller tries to hammer this theme home, and at the same time by featuring insane outrageousness, by having lame stuff happen, such as an escaped mental patient showing up, unvetted, as new substitute ; having faculty whine sessions, years before Office Space made it hip, and worst of all, having the lovely Jobeth Williams, embarrass herself by going topless in a school hallway, as a symbol of fighting the system. Not sure how running around nekid helps the kids learn. But it sure made a few of them pay attention for the first time.

Fernando P (au) wrote: Although I've seen this flick many of times it's always a movie that u can watch with wifey and it out u in a good singing mood. And who doesn't appreciate the chemistry between Olivia and John.

Lana L (br) wrote: not bad, had some funny parts & I adore Colin Firth, had some funny moments, another library pick, saw last week.

jane I (ag) wrote: seen this movie brill absolutely a brill movie to watch loved every part of it bit slow at first but as you on the edge of your seat towards the end.