• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:114 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:Italian,German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:marriage,  

Stefania and Tommaso are to marry and want their wedding to be special. They travel to Stefania's childhood church and there meet a priest who rises to the challenge. In the ceremony the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Casomai torrent reviews

Klaus K (us) wrote: Indiana Jones meets The Mummy and this in Asian version :)

DC F (br) wrote: Came out just a year before Super with Rain Wilson and stands on it's own as darker than Super (if you can believe that). A little funnier, too, but in a different feel as not to take away from Super. Pretty depressing in a satisfying way towards the end.

Nicole G (us) wrote: Very, um, interesting.....

Greg W (fr) wrote: got stuff 4 tha kids as well as us adults

Andrew C (br) wrote: Alfred Hitchcock is probably thankful that his name doesn't appear on the poster for this remake of his Hall-of-Fame-worthy "Rear Window". While this is a reasonably enjoyable teen/drama/thriller, it's a better film if one considers it on its own merits instead of comparing it to the original. Shia--who owes his entire career to Mr. Spielberg--launches into stardom with this role and does a fine job of being a kind of teenage Everyman (although one under house arrest) but there just isn't quite enough intrigue in the story to call it 'great'. 11/19/9

bri h (it) wrote: upside jopseh gordon-levitt gives a great performance downside mickey rourke

Abdulmalik A (it) wrote: Poor Sharon Stone. She's still big; it's the erotic thrillers that got small.

Pam L (it) wrote: no but i hope bet than the kite flyer

Stephen J (mx) wrote: much slower and more disjointed than part one

Adam S (it) wrote: this movie is awful! bad script, bad direction..not even Samuel L. can save this one.

John R (us) wrote: ...The 'behind the music' rest of the story told looking back. Interesting, and even better music, but a first time film by the replacement bass player, and without Joan Jett?

Greg W (es) wrote: ok remake but skip this and see the original version

Ronald H (kr) wrote: Great early performances from Matthew Modine and Nicolas Cage. A great movie that shows the aftermath of the Vietnam War on fragile, innocent minds.

Matthieu C (us) wrote: Fuck Grindhouse : voil le film d'exploitation ultime.

Steve Z (ru) wrote: Above average horror film from the 80's with lots of tense moments, featuring William, how can you go wrong?

Filippo P (ru) wrote: "Mi dispiace ma.. io s io, e voi non siete un cazzo!"Roma, primi 800: vizi e virt (poche) del Marchese Onofrio del Grillo, che si muove perfettamente a suo agio nel contesto socio-politico del tempo. I Francesi galvanizzati, il Papa e la chiesa che come sempre lavorano per legittimare il loro potere, e i poveracci, buoni solo a subire gli scherzi del Marchese..col motto "Il grillo del Marchese sempre zompa, chi zompa allegramente bene campa"

Raima R (fr) wrote: The rapture sewemz entertaining sort of movie butr who knows if it is a crap or entertainment

Paul G (mx) wrote: A fantastic Poirot mystery.

Bruce B (it) wrote: I was surprised that this film was released in 1954, its about the government doing space research and there lab and robots are taken over by a outside force what outside force we are never told, a good sci fi movie that mad the drive in and local theater in 1960 time frame, not a sleeper but not stellar either. 3 stars

Brad S (gb) wrote: - This masterpiece from Vittorio De Sica is one of my Top 10 favourite films of all-time. It is a simple, beautiful and poignant story that was a key part of the Italian Neo-realist film movement. The two leads are brilliant, though they were both unprofessional actors, they deliver absolutely stunning and heartbreaking performances which is a major credit to De Sica who himself was an actor. This film is an absolute must watch by all!- Just watched it again, such a GREAT film! A simple story, they is completely captivating and heartbreaking. Shot in the style of Italian Neo-Realism, the film has the ability to completely pull you into the story and make you feel for the protagonist. Very highly recommended, definitely one of my faves!