Cast Away

Cast Away

Chuck, a top international manager for FedEx, and Kelly, a Ph.D. student, are in love and heading towards marriage. Then Chuck's plane to Malaysia ditches at sea during a terrible storm. He's the only survivor, and he washes up on a tiny island with nothing but some flotsam and jetsam from the aircraft's cargo.

Chunk Noland was an engineer of Fedex delivery company. During a business trip, his plane crashed into the Pacific because the bad weather. He was washed up on a deserted island, he must fight to survive and find a way back to meet again lover ... The film is an adventure tough and turbulent but it is also very touching and containing many profound lessons. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jorge Eduardo S (ca) wrote: F. Happily N` ever After is a clear example of when studios from shrek don`t have anything to release, just garbage.

Mike C (es) wrote: Having watched three of the five Oscar nominated documentaries for this year, I can probably say this one should have been on the list. A pretty interesting look inside the NY Times and how it is trying to adapt to modern forms of media. I liked this for lots of reasons. Obviously, I consider myself a news guy, so it's great to get an unfiltered look at the most prestigious journalists in the country. And it was fairly unfiltered. Even more respect for the newsman who drops the F-bomb on frequent occasion. My kinda guy. Beyond that, it's just pretty interesting. As really the biggest newspaper in the world, it's a heck of a standard. What goes on your front page sets the tone of news world wide. Not many of us make decisions like that. Tim Arango seems like quite a dude. He went off to Baghdad and vaguely resembles Richard Engle. Both guys you'd spill your guts to pretty much. David Carr is a fruit but he's a damn good writer and knows his stuff. Furthermore, he doesn't mince words. Pretty cool. Bill Keller looked to be a great executive editor, and the other guy that had some supervisory responsibilities also looked all right to work for. Bottom line: the world, especially the US of A, needs the Times. Newsweek was a good magazine for years. They got bought out by the new media and it went downhill. The Huffington Post? I've seen it like twice. Newser or Gawker? Never been. In a great scene, on some debate show, the founder of newser is making his case why the Times are no longer needed. Carr pulls out a snapshot of the Newser front page: a collage of various photos and news stories. He had another sheet, this time with classic media cut out, leaving Newser with nothing. Sorry, it's not journalism to cut and paste the work of others. How ridiculous for these institutions to think they are better than the Times just because they make more money, often by regurgitating what the times has reported. Finally, Carr and others says the Times will survive because it's not run by idiots. The example is the large Tribune group that claimed bankruptcy after the CEO, not a newsman, ran it into the ground. That was less to do with media than bad business. Newspapers are not exempt from bad management. (ha). But the Times is no ordinary newspaper. Expect it to survive and thrive, and that's a good thing for anyone who likes real news.

Chris G (au) wrote: Good action flick with a few twists to keep you on your toes.

Japes (jp) wrote: Why do the hot guys always have to save the loud, whiney, obnoxious women? I don't understand why the movie makes the women seem helpless and so annoying. It's kind of insulting in a way. I also don't understand the need for useless sex scenes. They're completely unnecessary and it pulls away from the actual plot. The script, of course was also bad. No one talks like that, and the acting just makes the script seem worse. It wasn't scary as much as it was disturbing (the incest thing), but nothing stuck with me for long. It's not a movie worth watching. It's a sad excuse for a horror film.

Brett H (ag) wrote: Incredible insight to the filmrating process and tells the mystery behind the faces of the MPAA and their inconsistencies with rating films. Kirby Dick must have some brass balls to go up against the people who would ultimately be rating his film and his cry for injustice is more than admirable! The MPAA has always been a flawed system, and to know that many filmmakers have struggled with the absurdity of the sex vs. violence argument is very enlightening and depressing. To know that the people who rate the films are mainly influenced by the studios and have the power to torpedo your film's chances of success is a scary abuse of power! It's a first-rate documentary that is a must-see for fans of the film industry!

seth c (es) wrote: Zodiac is a very underrated film from the late 2000's. The direction from David Fincher is on point as always and the acting is stupendous. The characters are well fleshed out and the plot is fascinating. I had seen numerous documentaries about the Zodiac killer, so I knew pretty much all there was to know about this case. Even with knowing the majority of the plot beforehand, I was transfixed on the film's narrative and the tension that slowly builds throughout. It is a dialogue heavy movie but it's so well scripted that this is nowhere near a problem. Keep in mind how the actual Zodiac case turned out beforehand. I think it helped to know that the film was going to end ambiguously.

Private U (us) wrote: Rated 3 for lots of French conversation and dialogue, for those studying French. And plenty of history as well. Others may find it a yawn, but those are 2 reasons I enjoy movies, while, say, skimming computer mags, sewing or doing other busy work while trying to improve my ability to "hear" French"

Julie K (br) wrote: a re-watch. an entertaining mockumentary starring Werner Herzog himself, all the while trying to find the Loch Ness Monster. FYI: im sad i missed a showing of Fitzcarraldo at the Aero tonight.

Loyal D (mx) wrote: This was a modern Black Airplane! It was hilarious and silly and pokes fun at racial stereotypes. It really had a ridiculous and pointless story but it was entertaining and it was a guilty pleasure of mine. I loved this movie, wish it was longer. I quote this film all the time!

Brian I (nl) wrote: awesome romantic comedy. If your looking for a good movie to make you laugh with a little dramatic story added to it this is the right pick for you. You wont be disappointed with how the movie is handled and even the ending was well played.

Jon P (au) wrote: Russ Meyer breathes life into Penthouse centrefold puppets in this racy exploitation flick.The first 20 minutes or so ooze cheap-o charm, with closeups of chicks clearly in stationary cars cross-cut with high-octane drag race footage, and a gag rate of 0-60 sex puns every 60 seconds. Naturally, every now and again the action halts in favour of some mud-wrestling or topless showering but, ever more naturally, by the 30 minute mark, all the fun has dissolved into some second-rate plot about a kidnapped chick, hidden cash and a chap in a wheelchair.Influential cheese with a lot of shimmying, a lot of shaking and the worst Hispanic-Russian-Italian accent in the history of cinema. Tarantino lovers, eat your heart out.

Joanie M (mx) wrote: Hope its not over hyped because of a famous rapper & Deniro. These two are in another film together too

Nathaniel B (gb) wrote: I liked the overall story. I didn't find myself laughing too much, even though this was a comedy. It was nice seeing a fellow Filipino, Charice, in it. Good enough in my opinion.

Jo C (us) wrote: What a trip... Carpenters dream-like storytelling, unexpected humour and b-movie style sure kept me interested. But what's with the tentacles???

Jbells16 B (ru) wrote: The director missed a great potential to make this a great film. Great actors with a weak plot makes for a poor movie.

Daniel K (es) wrote: Hi-tech (for 1992) caper turning on the ridiculous premise that the NSA might attempt to obtain technology that would allow them to spy on American citizens... It's a star studded cast - but none of them are doing their finest work here - Ben Kingsley intermittent American accent is a particular low point. The whole thing is competent but by-the-numbers. There are a few amusing moments, but not enough. Perhaps the computer hacking premise was a little more novel in 1992, but it feels like we've seen this all before.