Casual Sex?

Casual Sex?

Two girls go away to a holiday resort looking for a change of pace, hoping to meet some nice men for a change. They discover that they can't find the perfect man, and this forces them to reconsider their attitudes to men in general.

Two women friends, with quite different sexual histories, try visiting a health resort to look for a man to settle down with. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mattias L (nl) wrote: Helen Mirren lysande som vanligt. Om dagarna nr Lady Diana dog och hur detta hanterades av den engelska kungafamiljen.

WS W (kr) wrote: Different from what expected to be seen for such could-be-gloomy story in the French Cinema. Quite unrealistic, but kinda positively hopeful all the way no matter how desperate it actually was.

Kerri O (ru) wrote: What is lost cannot be replaced What is gone is not forgotten. Rest in peace, Anton.

Jeffrey M (ca) wrote: Often funny, effectively rendered, and resonating on a deep level with its characters, Last Chance Harvey is the rare romantic drama that offers something new. The story revolves around the seemingly hapless Harvey Shine who, upon his trip to London, encounters his increasing disconnect from his estranged daughter before losing his job, only to meet the witty and affable Kate Walker (played by Emma Thompson). It's a story that has a certain light sensibility, yet an execution which respects its material.The story itself certainly has familiar elements, and a predictable resolution. We are used to vulnerable characters, lonely characters, and yet hopefully stories of surprising love. Yet with Last Chance Harvey, director Joel Hopkins gives us a film that feels authentic to its premise. Its exploration of family estrangement is mature and restrained. He treats his characters with an intelligence and respect. The character arcs we witness feel real, the moments feel earned. This is certainly bolstered by the strong performances of both Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson, both of whom have a palpable chemistry. Hoffman's character in a particular provides a nice departure from the normal male protagonist of similarly themed films, giving us a man of boldness, and not afraid to display his uncertainty. Thus, while the outcome is scarcely in question, the ride in getting there is often uncomfortable. We are entreated to characters of profound vulnerability, yet hopeful dispositions. We grow with the characters, and thus buy the film's outcome. The themes it touches on are both poignant and effective, painting us a story that stays with us. An overall very strong effort. 4/5 Stars

Rogerinho S (ca) wrote: The story here was pretty simple, some of the fighting was a bit gimmicky and the dialogue was fairly one dimensional.

DaljaKpop D (br) wrote: Me hubiera gustado ver a Ryuhei en ms escenas.

Julio C (jp) wrote: American Beauty, una cinta que da un tajo brutal al concepto de felicidad y bien vivir con el que el ser humano se ha forjado as mismo, sin necesidad de ser el correcto o el nico; una pelcula difcil de ver para el espectador, no por la manera de presentar la historia, (de hecho es un trabajo magistral, en el cual el espectador no pierde en ningn momento el hilo), sino por que al verla es como si cada uno tomase un espejo que muestra a cada quien como realmente es, y no de quien pretende ser, sin nada que maquillar o esconder, una critica imparcial y personal hacia con uno mismo que convierte la trama del filme en una historia paralela y yuxtapuesta con la realidad de cada espectador.. .Un filme que todos deberan ver, por difcil que resulte...

Megan G (br) wrote: seen the 1st one, but not this one, looks ok thought :)

Michael F (jp) wrote: Kinda like Short Circut 2, minus Johnny 5 and the comedy.

David H (ru) wrote: Another great Italowestern from Sergio Corbucci with Lot of Dark Comedy

FairyFay80 C (gb) wrote: Good movie, and Doris Day was excellent (she really was a good actress, not just a great singer) and for those who think Louis Jourdan always played the romantic and the suave, please check him out in this, he isn't suave in the least. He was a James Bond villian after all ;) So there ya go!

Craig R (gb) wrote: Nothing like what I expected, and while enjoyable, it was a little slow. KNowing it is a trilogy, though, makes up for that - lots of character development. Expecting Vol 2 to hit the ground running since all of the players are in place.

Michael T (br) wrote: At times slowly-paced, but intelligent and sensitive.

Marilena G (nl) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie, mostly because the raw realism of it makes everything in the story seem deeper and important.

Dylan K (ca) wrote: ben kingsley is a brilliant actor and it is shown in this masterpiece

Brian D (us) wrote: Only great thing about the movie is Barb Streisand eating a meal fit for someone 10 times bigger than her.

Sandy B (ag) wrote: How anyone could rate this film lower than at least 4 stars is beyond me. This is a warm, well written, interesting & deeply romantic/sad film that can be watched again and again. Streep is absolutely phenomenal.