Cat Ballou

Cat Ballou

A woman seeking revenge for her murdered father hires a famous gunman, but he's very different from what she expects.

When hired gun Tim Strawn (Lee Marvin) kills her rancher father, Cat Ballou (Jane Fonda) becomes an outlaw set on vengeance. Cat then hires a famous gunman, but he's very different from what she expects. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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JamesMasaki R (nl) wrote: Based partially on the murder of the TEPCO official who was moonlighting as a prostitute at night, Sono's ?????is also about a woman's sexual liberation, personal liberation, and the road downward to a very dark underworld. The third film in Sono's self proclaimed 'Hate Trilogy', it's a hard film to sit through at times. But that's from a man's point of view. "Guilty of Romance" seems to be more for a female audience but I don't know a lot of women who would want to go through such an experience.

Alfin N (ru) wrote: A potentially good abduction mystery solving itself without too much trouble within 90 minutes running time.

Cherif N (ca) wrote: Hulk smash little guy.

melanye b (it) wrote: As with 'Whisper', I picked up this movie because I wanted to see more of Sarah Wayne Callies. So far, I love her in everything I've seen her do, and this movie was no different. She played her character well, and did her best with what she was given, but...I can't say the movie was all that spectacular. Her co-star, Matthew Settle...seemed to be having an off day. He didn't seem like a right match for the character he was playing and it looked to me as if he was only giving about fifty percent. A result of this was my being quite underwhelmed by a lot of the action scenes or major breakthroughs he made, and I was more anxious to see more of scenes involving Sarah and the rest of the cast. They all did well, but the movie still had a B quality feel to it. The story was quite interesting, and I'm fascinated by the idea of synchronicity (and even did a project on it in college, citing the book/movie), but it was obviously a low-budget film. Don't expect anything profound or spectacular, but there were enough really good things about it that I keep it in my collection and re-watch from time to time.

Natalie U (ru) wrote: The PREVIEWS had me giggling.

Anonymous W (us) wrote: The movie is like a miracle... still is a rather nice movie.

Edward Y (ca) wrote: SO disappointing. I used to figure skate and stinks.

Kristine U (br) wrote: depressing and never ending

Jaime R (br) wrote: There's already evidence here that Godard is just so full of himself to a point he loses his own way.

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Paja R (mx) wrote: a great movie its how movie are made

John R (au) wrote: 161217: I'm loving these films. I just happened onto Scaredy Cat (2010) back in 2013 but in reality, this film is the first in the series. Sleepyhead was pretty awesome on a black dog Saturday night and if there were more of these videos, I'd watch them. Sandra Oh does not appear in this film and really, she was my only dislike of Scaredy Cat. Sleepyhead is an easy 4 for me and the only complaint I have is the tongue scene. Sleepyhead is compelling, gets you jumping at times (listen with volume up) and preys upon primal fears; Spooky. David Morrissey is a different sort but appealing to me. He drives this Thorne series.