Cat City

Cat City

In the year 80 AMM (After Mickey Mouse) on planet X the crime-syndicated Cats try to erase the Mouse-population once and for all. A scientist of the mice, prof. Fushimishi seems to have found the weapon against the threat - so Intermouse calls it's best, but now retired agent - Nick Grabowsky - to get the plans. As a distraction for the Cats, they also send a second agent - Seargent Lazy Dick - for the mission.

In the year 80 AMM (After Mickey Mouse) on planet X the crime-syndicated Cats try to erase the Mouse-population once and for all. A scientist of the mice, prof. Fushimishi seems to have ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aaron S (ca) wrote: While this movie isn't perfect, especially the believability aspect, it is intense and packs enough suspense to captivate an audience and keep them on edge. It's the classic tale of husband and wife are happily married, can't get pregnant, husband gets sperm tested, psycho crazy kid falls into an obsessive longing for husband's wife, husband and wife fight, wife gets drunk and screws psycho crazy kid, suddenly gets pregnant, wife and psycho crazy kid are pretty sure its psycho crazy kid's baby, wife tries to hide the fact that she screwed psycho crazy kid, and the baby might be his from her husband. Meanwhile psycho crazy kid becomes more psycho and more crazy. That actually makes it sound bad, but I actually really liked the movie. While the last few scenes are fairly predictable, the very end scene is great, and the film overall is shot very well. This is definitely worth checking out.

Melanie K (au) wrote: Insulting stupid movie...walked out of it after 20 minutes

Jim H (it) wrote: It's my fault. I've often wondered if/wished I could see George Carlin for the first time now. And I thought that this would be my chance. I placed Hicks on the pedestal that only belongs to Carlin, and as I sat down to watch this compilation of this finest performances, I expected too much, more than any man could rightfully be expected to deliver. Though Hicks really needs to pick up the pace and some of his antics got too loud and drawn-out, the stand-up was not devoid of good lines. He tells the story of non-smokers who cough to indicate their displeasure with his smoking, to whom he replies, "It's a good thing you don't smoke; imagine how bad your cough would be then. That's a cruel thing to do: cough at a smoker. What else do you do? Go up to cripples and dance?" And the ejecting of a child out of a moving airplane was classic. But overall, I was disappointed, and it's my fault.

dean m (mx) wrote: This movie only interested me because it was the kind of thing im into. Just the title describes wat the movie is a little bit about. But the title can be deceiving!

Darren H (mx) wrote: Fantastic. Essential for every WHO fan!

Mister M (nl) wrote: I remember enjoying this.

Leena L (kr) wrote: I almost gave up on this. It was killing my brain. Until half way through Susan Sarandon shows up doing stand up comedy and tap dancing at the funeral! Brilliant! And then there was the interactive road map, such map I want to travel with around places!! For the rest.... pointless and boooooooring. Orlando Bloom, still not worthy of my time!

Matthew H (kr) wrote: This movie is so close to perfect it drives me crazy. Unfortunately its few hiccups are enough to make people not like it.

Jason S (nl) wrote: I actually enjoyed this 80s slasher flick that I had never seen before. The only complaint is that it was filmed so darkly that some scenes were hard to see.

Tim S (br) wrote: I have to agree with all of the bad hype surrounding this turd and give it the lowest rating possible. Like most people who have seen this lately, it came on a Warner Bros. 4 Pack action DVD set with some blaxploitation classics like Black Samson and Three the Hard Way. However, this is NOT blaxploitation. It barely even registers as a martial arts film. Everything about it is hokey, cheesy, sub-par, ridiculous, offensive, absurd, and overall, non-entertainment. The half star that I give is only for the fact that I like Jim Kelly and I love Enter the Dragon (he had one of the best lines in the whole film). Avoid this if you can. Believe me, you're not missing out on anything. This is roundly considered to be the worst martial arts film ever made and I can certainly agree with that.

Arjun A (nl) wrote: Essential viewing for the Arnold fan, and also worth a peek for the curious.

Pranay S (fr) wrote: One of the enduring wwii drama with innocence and love.

Barry L (gb) wrote: Corney as hell but I loved them.

Kevin R (es) wrote: Wives don't grow on trees.David and his son live on a small farm in Ohio on their own after the loss of David's wife. David decides to marry an indentured servant he purchases so his son can have a proper upbringing with schooling, home cooked meals, and a woman presence. He doesn't initially treat her as a wife, but when a rival visits the farm and meets with his wife, David gets his act together and begins acting like they're married...but it may be too late."Liquor makes you thirsty."Norman Foster, director of Davey Crocket and the River Pirates, Mr. Moto's Last Warning, The Great Sex War, Davey Crockett: King of the Wild Frontier, and Indian paint, delivers Rachel and the Stranger. The storyline for this picture is above average and the characters play off each other very well. The cast delivers awesome performances and includes Loretta Young, William Holden, Robert Mitchum, and Gary Gray."Two grown men fighting like a couple of wild Indians."I came across this all star cast in a western on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) and had to DVR it. This was very entertaining and I loved all three main stars. They played off each other well and the script was pretty well written. I recommend seeing this once."I hope you're loaded. I hope you know what you're doing."Grade: C+

Michael H (mx) wrote: Knowing the outcome in no way dimishes the shock of what happens, but the collision of inept planning, hippie ideals and real world issues give some clue as to why us concert goers are moving further away from the stage as the years go by

Jenn B (nl) wrote: Loved it. So adorable and wasnt all mushy which was great!

Marc G (es) wrote: Meh, a little slow and not nearly as progressive as I'm guessing it wants to be.

Scott M (nl) wrote: This movie was way too PG for me. Kids swear all the time at this age. Kids like girls at this age. Kids do really creepy and dumb things. None of that happens in this movie. The producers tried to appeal to young kids but its just not funny. The adult parts of the movie are awesome. Toni Collette is amazing. But she doesn't make up for the weak teenage scenes.

Iac V (fr) wrote: This was an above average romance with a plot that avoided typical romantic movie clich (C)s. It was an interesting albeit depressing film that featured Miles Teller's second best performance (to whiplash). As well as a terrific performance by Shailene Woodley that propelled the film to a very high level.