Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

The story of conflicts, power plays and secrets in a wealthy Mississippi family.

The story of conflicts, power plays and secrets in a wealthy Mississippi family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luciano G (kr) wrote: The movie is a little slow in parts but still not a bad watch..... tense with a very creepy kid that really helps the horror aspect of the movie.....worth seeing....

Bart (fr) wrote: naaah, way better da original is(notice jst typed like yoda would)

Jonathan P (mx) wrote: My favorite theme is the weirdly complicated sexual relationship of bees and flowers--orchids especially--and filmed like this, up close (definitely put it on the best HDTV you can find), you get the feeling that all the elaborate mechanisms, the protocols, are a kind of intimacy.And at the same time, every motion is selfish. The gentle brush of the stamen--that wasn't incidental, it was caused by the bee's weight, and the purpose was to deposit pollen, to send the DNA as far away as possible. Now, both of those interpretations were perfectly clear without no voiceover. Maybe it's because I've already watched so many of these things; maybe it's because the editors chose the most intuitive moments--but you can grok the purpose of each action, as alien as it is.Oh, and the music isn't bad at all either. Maybe a little too prescriptive at times--but beautiful.

Alissa S (es) wrote: based on a very interesting, true story... this movie is slightly disturbing; the rape and abuse scenes really upset me (so much to the point where i had to fast forward certain scenes), but it was a sobering reality.

Chris (br) wrote: This film was OK. I only went to see it because I wanted to see Lolita Davidovich strip.

Robyn M (ca) wrote: Childhood classic! Come on, doesn't get better than BIGFOOT!!!

Marcus W (de) wrote: It's terrible...and yet it has a childish innocence that you can't help but warm to.