Cat Run

Cat Run

When a sexy, high-end escort holds the key evidence to a scandalous government cover-up, two bumbling young detectives become her unlikely protectors from a ruthless assassin hired to silence her.

Cat Run revolves around the witness - protection of two young detectives. One day, two closed friends Anthony and Julian decided to move to a detective agency. Unfortunately, the first task they had to do was to protect a sexy female witness who was holding the secrets of government. Two clumsy detectives had to face with how to fight the aggressive chase by the giudes who wanted to kill witness to conceal the truth? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Cat Run torrent reviews

Christian J (it) wrote: Enjoyed it, kind of bummed with some of the character development (or lack thereof) but a fun ride.

FilmGrinder S (au) wrote: Starts out strong and then turns into a typical slasher.

Claire T (it) wrote: ok but I do not want to see this film ever again, it's mainly for pre teens, I didn't like this movie, it starred Hilary Duff, it's an ok movie but I don't want this movie on DVD, I didn't like it

Eric M (mx) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Anuj S (de) wrote: The greatest ever performance in Bollywood history by the greatest actor on the planet....Amitabh Bachchan!!

Private U (es) wrote: anything with kay kendall is fun to watch but here she's with rex harrison who would end up her husband so it seems like there's an extra layer of crackle.

Private U (ru) wrote: It's fun fluff--funny in a throw-away sort of way. It's got a really appealing cast; even William Holden, who's supposed to be kind of a tosser, is pretty likeable and inoffensive. You feel for Loretta Young's character (who's supposed to be--but never really feels--shy and odd) and Robert Mitchum has the bad boy/comedic role. It's just a likeable film, overall--everyone's likeable, the story's likeable. No more or less than that.

Andrew M (gb) wrote: Only the third movie I've seen by this double act and have to say they just keep on getting better and better, the movie was packed with laughter and drama can't wait to see the rest if their movies

Omar L (au) wrote: It's not enough that players like John Tucker be aware of how hurtful their games are, but it's important that they don't encourage it from happening. The ending of this movie had a chance to address that, but it squandered it with a very poor tacked-on ending. Jesse Metcalf plays a fantastic John Tucker, and it's a shame we haven't seen more of him in other projects.

Sgt C (us) wrote: (43%) Stallone's career has always gone up and down, and although this is no highpoint, it's still far from dire. The action sequences aren't great, but they're really nothing that bad either, and the gun cleaning scene was amusing. As supposedly awful movies go this given the very weak plot isn't as awful as many say.

Lee A (br) wrote: I only remembered the animated sequence from when I was a kid and thought it would be fun to try with our kids. It was so much more and better than I remembered! The kids loved it, we loved it. The music and dancing was great. There was a great message on honesty that we could talk to our kids about. Did I say the music was great? Seeing a 20 piano musical number was pretty cool and I loved the Latin tang to it all. This is great fun for the whole family!