Catch Me

Catch Me

Hot-shot police detective Lee is out to get a hit-and-run driver. He discovers the driver is his long lost girlfriend from ten years ago. As her crime-record accumulates he tries to protect her.

Hot-shot police detective Lee is out to get a hit-and-run driver. He discovers the driver is his long lost girlfriend from ten years ago. As her crime-record accumulates he tries to protect her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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TG S (fr) wrote: Osthi is failed attempt to remake Dabangg!! without santhanam comedy the movie 1st half is of literally no use.. Yet a Fearless attempt

Brady S (ca) wrote: Don't let the title fool you. This is the best documentary about the "war" on drugs. How laws made years ago, in a completely different set of circumstances, are killing tens of thousands of people today. Very powerful last 40 minutes! I loved it and WE live it.

Saffron H (nl) wrote: that looks really freaky

Wes S (gb) wrote: Pretty compelling film about friendship in the midst of global conflict.

Ai H (mx) wrote: This film is better than I expected. From some reviews I read, I thought it would be somehow shallow, but I'm glad that I was wrong. "Burnt Money" is a nice mix of action and love, which reminds me of "Bonnie and Clyde", only this time it's 2 men. On the second watch, this film burnt me with the intense passion that I missed out on the first time.There's a scence by which I was blown away, that was when Angel and Nene first met, Angel put his alcohol bottle into Nene's pocket. A simple action that spoke louder than any word, so beautiful a display of trust and love that it hurt. I wish I could see more of their happy time, though they had their happy ending, one way or another...

Tim S (br) wrote: Nightmare City is another in a long list of splatter zombie movies made during the 70's and 80's by Italian filmmakers. Umberto Lenzi, who was also known from making spaghetti westerns and later on in his career horror movies, directed this wonky schlock-fest about a group of mutated men and women who are out for blood, basically beating people up and hacking them to pieces. So technically, they're not really zombies, but yet they are. Apples and oranges, I guess. At one point they refer to them as vampires in the English dub, so go figure. The movie itself isn't one of the best that the genre has to offer, but it has some fun make-up effects and some good unintentional humor. It's not one of the strongest films in the genre, that's for sure, but there are some moments to enjoy if you're a horror fan.

Fit K (br) wrote: Un film carino sull'universo femminile, ma anche sul punto di vista maschile.

Karsh D (gb) wrote: Truly awful. Based on a true story about an incident in Zanzibar and the blowing up of a German battleship. Low budget, poor action scenes, and awful editing and it's far too long to sustain any interest.

RA L (kr) wrote: Hay mucha riqueza en las imgenes y la atmsfera, y su drama es conmovedor, pero tiende a saltar abruptamente de la quietud ceremoniosa al melodrama. / There is much richness in its images and atmosphere, and is a moving drama, but tends to shift abruptly from ceremonious stillness to melodrama.

Nick R (au) wrote: This was an awesome movie! Would recommend to everyone!

Slashergirl V (fr) wrote: I love this movie put me on the edge of my seat & kept me there

Dave G (fr) wrote: Not truly awful in my opinion. Fast paced and lots of action makes it a different interpretation and I like how it starts with the historical figure Vlad the Impaler. Found myself not caring a ton about most characters as there is very little depth and character development. I applaud the attempt at a new version but ultimately it falls flat as there isn't much memorable to this film.

Russell G (ca) wrote: It's cheap crap played for laughs that's not all that funny... but I love this movie. The site of Michelle Bauer topless and chain sawing a john to bits never fails to entertain. Add in the dance of the two virgin chainsaws... and all you can say is "CLASSIC!"

Sean H (de) wrote: Love me some Newman. but its just a basic western with basic acting. Although Newman does still kick some major ass.

Daniel G (ru) wrote: This movie focuses on being too over the top, which is not bad if it's done intentionally. Ridiculous one-liners and action scenes, together with little plot, is what makes this self-aware movie an overall fun ride.