Catch That Girl

Catch That Girl

Ida's father suddenly gets a stroke and is rushed to the hospital, diagnosed with a deadly disease with no other opportunity than to travel to USA to attend a medical experimental operation. Unfortunately, the small family have to get the money themselves, as the state doesn't pay for that kind of experimental procedures. Ida has to get the money - and she got no other way than to steal them from the bank where her mother works...... developing the banks intense security.

The obstacles facing 12 years-old Ida, Sebastian and Jonas' perilous mission are many: A bank vault 30 meters above ground to open, secret combinations to crack, vicious guard dogs to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Johnny T (de) wrote: Billy Bob Thornton's grouchy Santa is finally back, but his sequel is pretty ho-ho-horrible. A belated, gaseous sequel that slowly burns off its fumes of disappointment until all that's left is a flaming hull of misery. Loaded up with the same scatological and misanthropic humor as its predecessor but precious little of its heart or genuine wit, Bad Santa 2 presents a foulmouthed shadow of Christmas past. Bad Santa 2's never-nice act wears thin this time around, seeming more shruggingly sneering, scowling, and sweary as it trudges along in its re-boots. The original Bad Santa found just the right tone for its dark, vulgar humor -- but this sequel feels like a too-little, too-late attempt to recapture faded glory. At its best, Bad Santa 2 feels like an echo of its predecessor. At its worst, it's unfunny, crass, and uncomfortable (not in a good way). Billy Bob Thornton proves once again that he is the only actor capable of bringing Willie T. Stokes to life, but not even he can help jolt life into a sequel that never had any chance of being anything other than dead on arrival. A fall-off in writing is part of the problem, but I think a more important issue is the replacement of Terry Zwigoff as director. Zwigoff's humor is razor-sharp and incisive, qualities missing from Bad Santa 2. This lazy sequel is a lump of coal in a dirty stocking. The original is still a classic, and we can just pretend that this one never happened.VERDICT: "Not So Hot" - [Negative Reaction] These films are truly terrible films. They are not the worst things ever made, but they are definitely awful and should not be seen by anyone. (Films that are rated 1.5 or 2 stars)

Sylvester K (ca) wrote: It started off good, a heart wrenching story of a mother's maternal instinct that helps her to find her son despite everyone around her claims that her son never existed. Then there comes the twist, a stupid twist that made no sense at all. Casting Julianne Moore was a bad decision, she's a good actress for sure, but she doesn't suit playing a mother (she loves abortion) and the acting was unconvincing. Utterly a disappointment because the writer couldn't provide a valid explanation for the missing child.

Derek B C (us) wrote: Russell is a hilarious comic that really leverage cultural jokes. He makes fun of EVERYONE. That being said, he has better stuff on YouTube from earlier in his career.

Gerard H (ru) wrote: Una pelicula para ver en la sala Leopoldo Lugones del complejo teatral San Martin en Buenos Aires. Los protagonistas de las peliculas anteriores de Lisando Alonso "Los Muertos" y "Libertad" dan vueltas en el laberinto lleno de ruidos raros, asensores, escaleras, baos sucios que es el San Martin, el verdadero protagonista de esta pelicula. Una advertencia, si te gusta las peliculas de Bafici, la vas a disfrutar, no es Walt Disney......humor si......

Patric L (us) wrote: A parody on itself with some fun moments though. A kind of a lousy Irish version of the Evil Dead.

Alix G (it) wrote: Not the best teen movie ...

Countess N (fr) wrote: Recommended by Romy861.

Minju L (br) wrote: amazing amazing amazing!!!!!

Joe H (ca) wrote: Ok once it gets going but the who is who seems so twisted that you actually get lost and don't care about the plot anymore.

Hal M (kr) wrote: Good story line, cast, sets, cinematography...but not well directed by King Vidor. Critical scenes are clumsily handled; the final shootout seriously botched.

Miguel A (us) wrote: Como se a transformao de Sean Penn, em drag gtica, no fosse suficientemente estranha, "This Must Be Place" abusa da sorte ao querer ser, ao mesmo tempo, um filme sentido sobre a reconciliao e um road movie feito de muito estilo e pequenas lies de vida (no muito diferente de "Beavis and Butt-Head do America", embora mais negro). Paolo Sorrentino parece totalmente convencido da sua versatilidade e ginstica estilstica, mesmo que metade deste seu noir atpico seja sobretudo conseguido atravs de colagem (espetar com o tema homnimo de David Byrne algures no filme to giro quanto aleatrio). Nada disto deve mesmo assim impedir que Sean Penn maquilhado imagem de Robert Smith, dos Cure, venha a merecer algum culto a longo prazo. Vi os ltimos vinte minutos a batalhar o meu prprio sono, mas isso provavelmente tambm far parte da experincia.

David C (ag) wrote: For a needlessly precise numerical rating: 86/100, or A-A gobsmackingly hilarious parody/conflation/sequel of the first two Frankenstein films. It helps that Bride of Frankenstein is essentially a camp take on the first film, so the film only has to faithfully replicate the visual style and tone of the films and then nudge them just a bit more into the direction of comedy- a little police captain with an immovable fake arm here, a little Doctor and Monster "Putting on the Ritz" there.

Christopher S (kr) wrote: This is one of my all-time favorites. Peter Fonda's character demonstrates a gentle steadfastness in the face of adversity that I highly admire.