Catwoman attempts to track down a mysterious cargo shipment that is linked to a Gotham City crime boss called Rough Cut. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Catwoman torrent reviews

TJ F (de) wrote: Fantastic film! Stayed very close to the story origins of the game but added a new variety to it. Amazing performances from the cast, fantastic soundtrack, and a very well done successor to the games.

ScubaSteve Walter M (fr) wrote: Great timing to release this movie at same time as the IRONMAN 3 hype. And as expected the action scenes are more than the actual IRONMAN 3 movie. Just leave the mecha animation to the Japanese and they know how to make a grade A epic battles. However just like the rest of the adaptations, the villain is weak and so goes the plot. Oh by the way, the Punisher is also on this film and he sure packs lots of fire power to the movie. Despite of all of these, the movie is watchable.

PierLuigi F (ca) wrote: Una graziosa commedia con lo stile tipico di Papaleo ed un meraviglioso brano di Erica Mou nella colonna sonora. Bravissimi gli attori, un po' debole lo script.

Holly B (ru) wrote: Classic ghost story. Nothing too new tho.

Mark S (ca) wrote: Cute movie.... Now you see what happens when you don't have ALL the facts... :)

Amudhan L (us) wrote: Nice plot, But Michael's (Ajay Devgan) Character should have been portrayed by someone else!!

Janeth P (mx) wrote: una hermosa historia :(

Kevin N (fr) wrote: The brilliance of this documentary is in the way Errol Morris treats his subject, Fred Leuchter. The man goes from superhero to amusing social outcast to monsterous and finally to pathetic. I enjoy watching documentaries in which I am constantly wondering which side the director is on; Morris treats his subject with a strange kind of respect, even when everyone else (his audience included) wants the man ridiculed and punished. Delicacy is the name of the game here, and by biding his time Morris presents a person so strange and complex that he must be human. The film goes from interesting to mysterious to infuriating, and each of these stages is well worth the price of admission.

Scott M (kr) wrote: A very cold haunting movie about a husband who asks his wife a question about sex and gets an answer he wasn't expecting. That women lust after other men all the time. Kubrick then has the husband go on a long dangerous journey that deals with death and immorality. Everything I love in a movie. Good film.

Jake B (ru) wrote: Beautiful to look at, even if you are unaware of the culture inspiring the aesthetics : Hero may be my favorite Tarantino film.

Martin T (ca) wrote: In Jeanne Dielman, one can become frustrated the ultra-long takes of "nothing happening" but it's absolutely essential they be that way. Here, in Chantal Akerman's first feature-length film, they feel terribly unnecessary. I'm pretty sure I could edit this movie down to 15 minutes without losing much of the impact... okay, maybe 30 minutes. It's a shame that she felt the need to hammer the viewer with tedious indulgences, because the general structure is very interesting, and I particularly liked how the narration in the first part would occasionally contradict what you see onscreen. Too bad the film is such a chore to get through (although I guess for some people, a 10-minute lesbian sex scene isn't a chore at all).

Peter F (kr) wrote: One of the first cases of Godard completely abandoning conventional narrative filmmaking for that of "the film essay", Two or Three Things I Know About Her is as oblique as anything else the director has made, but it's also among his most hypnotic. Blatant in its themes (the dialogue constantly refers to consumer culture, and The Vietnam War), Godard instead mystifies his audience with a really abstract presentation, and some of the most intriguing cinematography of his entire career (Honestly, I can't think of another movie to have transgressive close-up shots of a coffee cup or a cigarette burning). While it can be hard to grasp the character motives amidst all the stylistic content, the film sports great scenarios and dialogue throughout, and has a lingering impression. Godard would never return to the framework of his classics like Breathless and A Married Woman after this piece, but Two or Three Things I Know About Her may be the pinnacle of his most experimental projects.

Theresa J (ru) wrote: The plague, paranoia and Boris Karloff, plus a great story.

Drew R (nl) wrote: Not my cup o tea. And there are no zombies!

Atheer O (es) wrote: enjoyable little movie which consists entirely only of dialogue but a clever and a thought-provoking one!